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Can somebody recomend me a good raid controller card to add to my mother board , im very unhappy with the intel ichr10 ????.
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  1. Which motherboard? Why are you unhappy with the ICH10 (or ICH10R)? What are your expectations and your budget?
  2. You mean something like this?

    If you're not satisfied with real life performance of RAID and blames it on the controller, it's unfounded. Performance increase in RAID is mostly limited to synthetic benchmarks anyway.
  3. dagger, that controller won't be faster than the ICH10R and it's another software based solution that can only support 2 drives (a raid controller like will be much faster if all ports are used).

    Let's wait for califmike2003 to answer my questions and then we can make appropriate recommendations.
  4. Thanks for your replys guys. Im just seeing other peoples benchmarks on hd tune for similar raid 0 configurations and wonder why my score is much lower. I have heard and read that the p45 chipset is not the greatest for memory bandwidth. When i run sisandra lite , and run the hard drive performance i get a much better score than running it on hd tune. My score on sisandra is 175 mb per sec, with a peak of 225, which to me is not bad, but in hd tune i average only 131 mb per sec.

    I have the gigabyte ep45- ds3r, core duo e8500, 4gigs of patriot 1066 memory, so its a decent setup. I have read nothing but good things about the samsung spinpoints f drives, im running 2 320 gb sammys in raid 0 with the ich10r . I know there only synthetic benchmarks and not real world performance, but they mean something, just thought i should have a better benchmark for running raid 0. Have seen much higher scores on here and hd tune forum for similar setups. So was thinking of getting a raid addin card to boost performance, what do u guys think ? Im willing to spend money, not a whole lot to get better performance, but $700 for a raid card is out of the question, maybe half of that. So give me your opinions, on this subject is the the raid card a waste of money, should i just be happy with what i have.
  5. A raid card is a waste of money with your current disks (unless a minimal, if any gain in a benchmark program is worth it for you). There is a significant performance difference between your drives and the Samsung Spinpoint F1 1 TB drive. The Samsung 750 GB also is slower than the newer 1 TB drive. If you want more performance, you could start with 2 x 300 GB VelociRaptor in raid 0 and you wouldn't need to buy an expensive controller. If that isn't enough, try with 4 drives in raid 0 (increased performance and risks of a data loss). If that still isn't fast enough, then go for a bunch of 15K SAS drives in a raid 1 configuration and a high performance SCSI raid controller with on-board cache like we use on high end servers.

    What's running on your system when you run benchmarks? Antivirus? Anything else that could cause disk activity? Is write caching enabled?
  6. Hey thats a good idea the raptors in raid 0 that cost about the same as a good raid card, very good idea. I dont know if writing caching is enabled, where do check to see that ? and no my antivirus is not running in the background.
  7. Wait a minute so your telling me that the samsung 1tb drive is faster than the samsung 320 gb drives ? i would like to see that information ?? i have 2 320gb drives.
  8. While they don't list a Samsung 320 GB (what model are yours?), you'll see that 1 TB drives are often as fast as the VelociRaptor. The new Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS also seems to be slightly faster than the Samsung Spinpoint F1. I personnally would go for 1 TB drives as I am not concerned by benchmarks. Check the various benchmarks and then decide what's best for you.
  9. Thanks for that link to the reviews, i dont need a huge terabyte drive would never even come close to using all that space, let alone 2 in raid. Im going to keep my samsung f spinpoints, these are the quitest drives i have ever heard in my life, not a sound. The raptors look like a nice option, but very pricey, maybe wait see if they come down in the future, im getting to rapped up in benchmarks, i may just run 4 or these samsungs in raid 0 and be done with it.
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