Vmware core limit?


I would like to ask something and hope you guys could help me out.

I recently installed VMware 9.0 and then installed windows 8 32bit extreme edition R1(idk if theres such a version but i pirated it tsktsk).

Whenever I try to set more than 2 cores for my windows 8 VM, it still stays at 2 cores, I tweaked everything to do with the cores but still its stuck at 2 cores.

The reason why i want to set more cores is because my i7 parked 4 of it's cores in resource manager and i want it to use all it's cores(thats what we paid for, right?)
Anyways, if its a software or 32bit limitation, then nevermind that, but can someone teach me how to make my i7 utilize all of its 8 cores at one time and not park 4 of its cores.

Thanks ;D
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  1. You'll get no help here with pirated software.
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