PLEASE help me overclock my E8400 !!

I own a E8400 , an Asus p5n-d and 2GB of ram PC2 4300 533mhz.How far can I oc'it with this memory?Can I reach 3.6 GHZ. I don't know alot about OC so someone can explain me step by step? Thanx
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  1. There is no overclocking with that ram. As a matter of fact, your memory is already being overclocked past it's specs. I doubt you'll get it much further.
  2. so if i want to overclock i need to change my ram? if yes what would you recomend?
  3. get yourself some ddr-2 800 ram ATLEAST.. U can buy 1066mhz in case u wanna go extreme..
  4. It would be helpful to know what motherboard model you have.
  5. I aleready said it ,look closer in the first post I have a an ASUS P5N-D
  6. yetyhunter said:
    I aleready said it ,look closer in the first post I have a an ASUS P5N-D

    So you did. My bad. If you're looking to get to 3.6, then any DDR2 800 ram will do. You have a multi of 9x. At 400FSB you will reach your 3.6 goal. If you're looking for high quality ram, go with

    D9 chips. You can push it further than its rated 800. Most likely past 1000.
  7. Double post
  8. But I can't buy anything on newegg. I don't live in USA ,i live in belgium and I have to buy from a local shop.
  9. Post a link to one of the local shops. We'll see if they have some quality ram. If not, then any DDR2 800 will do for the overclock you're looking for.
  10. just any ddr2-800 will do fine if you cant get any long as you dont run it above 900 is fine by most ram.
  11. They have some ddr2 800mhz kingston ram and corsair but thats to expensive for my budget about 50 euros that's 65$.
  12. Has anyone been able to get a 5.9 processor Vista score with a E8400/X3110? I have been able to get a 5.8 and have pushed as far as 4Ghz with a factory fan.

    If anyone hit 5.9 what did it take?
  13. I think you need a quad core for 5.9
  14. So Ijsut got 2gb of 800mhz ram.Now can you tell me how to overclck? Not to much because i have the stock cooler.
  15. My X3110 is running 3.8 on a stock Intel cooler and mem timings were on auto. I have an Asus board in this system with normal crucial DDR2 800, 2 x 1gb. I dont remember the CPU voltage but I think it was 1.35 or close to it.

    Maybe that will get you started. I was also able to boot and run the vista score test at 4.0ghz but I didnt stress test it with just a stock fan.
  16. if I set the voltage to 1.3 I get 95°C
  17. What fan do you have? The one that is about 3/4 of an inch thick? I may have been a little misleading. I have a stock fan but my processor was not retail box so my fan is from a different processor. (I have no idea which one)Its nothing special mind you, but probably better than the one that comes in the retail version.

    Edit: I looked and I think my heatsink is very close to the one that comes on a Q6600.
    Also I looked in our warehouse and the E8400 we had comes with a heatsink that is a sliver over 1/2 inch thick and has no copper. If yours is like this then I can see why you are running hot. The stock Q6600 is alot thicker and also has a copper center. Although still nothing great, its much much better than the E8400 one.

    What motherboard do you have?
  18. I have the Intel stock cooler. The smallest one.It's very simlar to the q6600 but half the size.
  19. I have an ASUS P5N-D mobo with the 0502 bios.
  20. Why not just get an aftermarket heatsink/fan? It sounds like yours is holding you back for sure.
  21. I'm buyng a Arctic freezer pro 7 soon. How far will I be able to overclock then?
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