I need help regarding a new pc that I wanna buy.

Hello Dear people,

I'm new to this forum, and I thought that if i am going to buy a new computer, you're the people who can help me.

I haven't got enough budget to do anything atm, but sooner or later I'll have some.

following this text you will see the specs of the computer that I want to buy :

I am not a heavy gamer, although I always loved playing games, this is a computer which I will probably not upgrade\replace for a long time, I do want to play games such as crysis but i am not willing to pay too much in order to have "VERY HIGH" graphics.
Furthermore, my screen only supports 1280x1024 so I don't need any fancy res bullshit.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Vista Home Premium 64Bit English
Burners: LG H55LK DVD-RW Dual Layer X20 LightScribe Black
VGA Cards: Sparkle Nvidia Geforce 8600GT DDR2 512MB HDMI Retail - 3YW
Desktop Hdd: Hitachi 160GB Sata2 8MB HD160S2
Memory: G.Skill 4GB DDR2-800 DualKit (2x2GB) F2-6400CL4D-4GBPK CL4-4-4-1
PSU: Mustiff 550W Sata PCI-E 120mm Black Coating Retail MU550W
Cases: Raidmax Sagitta + Window Black 2x120MM+1x80 LED NO PSU
M boards: Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2 Conroe Support GG33MS2
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40Ghz 8MB Conroe -=Stepping G0=- OEM

I am a dutch person, but currently I live in Israel, and here this computer is a bit expensive since it imports most parts, adding to that I'll say that I am 16 years old, and I can't afford much.

I am not sure if this is a good combination for what I am expecting, and therefore I need you to make it a little bit better, or just tell me where I am mistaken.

My questions are:

*What is the most important part that I should invest on?

*Is q6600 stock fan that bad? Can't I handle it without buying a new one?

*Is overclocking dangerous? can it harm the computer? and is it reversal?

*Which of the following is better : 8600gt 1024 mb or 8600 gts 256 mb (considering my having 4 gb ram)

*Can I overclock my computer myself? is it easy? does it require serious cooling?

This is basically it, and I'll be very glad to be answered.
If I was wrong by posting this here, just move this topic, since I couldn't fine anywhere else to post it.

Thanks In advance.
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  1. Couple of things. First, you should post this in the Homebuilt System section, this section is for your experiences buying things, issues with Support, etc, generally to complain. Second, there are new CPUs, mobos, and video cards coming out over the next couple of months and prices will be going down, so it's best to post your specs when you're ready to buy. The only real thing I would question about the above is the mobo. That board has onboard video, which you don't need since you're getting a video card. I'd suggest a P35 rather than a P33 board today but if you're not buying for a couple months, this could change. As to your specific questions: The mobo and CPU are what the system is built on, like the power train and suspension system of the car. It's also a good idea to get a good case given you can use it for several builds over the years. The PSU is also very important, you want a quality one with enough power to meet your needs. But where you put your money depends on how you'll use the machine, e.g., gaming is more dependent on the video card while rendering video, audio, and photos are more CPU intensive, and your budget. When you're ready to build be sure to post your budget as well as how you'll use it. The HSF that comes with the retail CPU will work if you're not seriously overclocking. The GTS would be the better card. You can overclock and if you want to overclock, then the mobo will increase in importance. Most mobo build some overclocking into the mobo but if you're going to seriously overclock, you'd need a better HSF. Overclocking, if you don't know what your doing, is very dangerous. If you've never overclocked I'd start with the stock HSF and as you learn what you're doing, buy a better one. Looks like you've already done some research and suggest you continue to read reviews of the new CPUs, mobo, and video cards.
  2. I didn't completely read the post above me but I didn't see him mention Vista either. You might not care about the home edition being on your machine be my guest. Me personally I've tried Vista Home before and did not enjoy it one bit. I haven't tried out the Ultimate edition before but I've heard that is much better.
  3. Home Basic sucks hard. Premium is a little better, but Business and Ultimate are really the best choices.

    VGA Card: The 8600 kinda sucks. I'd go with a HD3850 from ATI. It's about $160-180, but at least it will last you a while.

    HDD: I suggest you get a 7200RPM model with a 16MB cache for improved performance.

    RAM: Fine

    PSU: Mustiff? Sounds like it would perform how the name sounds... I could go with a 500-550W Corsair, OCZ, Seasonic, or Silverstone.

    Case: no comment

    Mboard: Listen to g-paw - Go for a Gigabyte P35-DS series of boards.

    CPU: Fine

    *Is q6600 stock fan that bad? Can't I handle it without buying a new one?
    You get no stock fan. You chose an OEM CPU, which means you get the CPU and nothing else.

    Is overclocking dangerous? can it harm the computer? and is it reversal?
    It can be if you do it wrong. Yes it can harm your computer and if you damage your computer by over clocking, then the hardware is pretty much dead. You can reset your overclocked components back to factory settings if you are not satisfied by the OC, yes.

    *Which of the following is better : 8600gt 1024 mb or 8600 gts 256 mb (considering my having 4 gb ram)
    They are both poo in my opinion.

    Can I overclock my computer myself? is it easy? does it require serious cooling?
    Read the stickies in the overclocking forums. If it sounds too confusing to you - don't try to OC.
  4. That was all very helpful indeed.
    And I've learnt a lot reading it.

    But a funny think (maybe even Ironic), would be that I can't buy it yet, and it seems a little bit hard gaining the amount which remains to achieve the total.

    So I thought that wasting the money onto a good bicycle, a gym membership (3 months), and a new parrot would be a better choice.

    Unless ofcourse I'll win the lottery, or someone will choose to send me the money.

    Anyway when and IF i will choose to buy a computer, you will probably forget me...
    Plus i am now 16, and at 18 I will be recruited to the army...

    btw I haven't mentioned really about the OS, I wanted to have a vista home premium.. and about the PSU, mustiff is kind of cheap.. therefor I chose it.

    hope to talk to you soon.
  5. One thing to keep in mind when you decide to build is that you can always upgrade if you choose the right mobo, not necessarily the most expensive. E.g., you could save a lot by getting a lower level CPU and upgrading it when prices come down, they always do, and you have the money, same with the video card. This is what a lot of us have to do. In addition, for your birthday or other occasions, when someone asks you what you want, you can always tell them a computer part. My wife's bought me a lot of parts over the years, just send her the web page of the specific part from the site I want her to buy it. She complains it's not fun to shop for me but I get what I want and can take care of her fun later :)
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