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I just have recently installed a new motherboard (gigabyte GA_ma770-DS3 rev 1.0) i'm running raid mode, and have my samsung SH-s223f in sata as well. When ever i start up windows the DVD/CD burner workds fine, but only once. Then it hangs up my computer when i put another disk in and try to scan/acess it. This problem only goes away after i reboot the computer. then i can use it again but only once. I have no idea whats going on, all the bios are up to date, and everything (drivers, firmware so fourth) is up to date. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Edit: Solved my problem

    To let you know, On the Gigabyte website, there's a driver package for the MA770 chipset (the one for chipset-raid driver, not the bootdisk-raid version)

    However, using Setup, nor update drivers would take the newer v3 driver. I had to tell the device manager to let me choose the file to update with. For whatever reason, Windows thinks it didn't show compatibility with my hardware... Maybe a clean install with the appropriate driver would change its mind about compatibility. Not sure.

    Effect: The System did need me to reboot after installing, then again after redetecting the drives... The DVD drive works correctly and no longer crashes the system.

    Use the device manager, right click, and select 'properties', then fileversion of the new RAID driver and console. If they're v3, go ahead and give the DVD drive a try.

    Meanwhile, I'll be reinstalling XP fresh, and experiment a bit. Good luck on your endeavors. =)

    Hey there, Slow. Sorry that this isn't a solution. I have the same issue, I looked up some articles on the web, and just happened to find your post. So, if you like, I'll work with you on this one. Let me know how much computer experience you have, so I know what information we need to swap.

    Anyhow. My issue. I picked up a couple Seagate 640GB SATA drives, put them in RAID 0 (successfully), and get the OS and the whole sha-bang. My DVD-RW drive is SATA as well, a LITE-ON LH-20A1S. Symptom: When any new media is inserted, Windows crashes with the error 'IRQ less or not equal' (on the blue screen, of course)...

    The blue screen also says that the driver at fault at time of handling is the AHCIx86 driver... which is not surprising, being the driver that handles the RAID controller in the first place.

    When I installed my OS, I took a shortcut and used nlite OS, (lets you make a WinXP install CD, slipstream SP3 into it, and add drivers to the disk). I did this since I don't have a standard floppy drive. By adding the drivers to the install CD, I was able to avoid the presumed need to add the raid drivers via floppy at first install. That seemed to work. At least, after installation of the OS, the Device Manager shows the installed RAID driver...

    From what I gather, when you go into BIOS and set the SATA mode to RAID, every device on the 4 SATA jacks has its function changed (at least slightly), the most noted effect being that WinXP and the BIOS both recognize my DVD drive as being SCSI, not SATA.

    There's some interesting information over on this thread...

    Hitman says that improper setup of the v3 raid drivers can cause trouble, so read his instructions. I'll give it a try and let you know if I'm successful.

    And yes, I have the same motherboard, BIOS updated to F7F, latest drivers (from Gigabyte), and WinXP Pro.
  2. Its probably due to the fact that the driver provided was not signed and therefore Windows will only look for signed drivers, and so you had to tell windows you will select the driver.

    This is very common in the hardware world
  3. sorry i took so long, well after being pissed off at the mother board, for being old, i just bought a new gigabyte, and i come to find out it was the mobo. the mobo only has 4 SAta slots to choose from and they are all grouped together. On the Rev 2.0 of the mobo they have 2 separate stat connectors for extra sata drives. And after re installing windows vista 64 with raid 0 again, it works fine, i just dont use that board anymore.
  4. Mm. yes, that's one way to do it. I had contemplated buying a separate PCIe sata controller just to alleviate the problem. The driver did fix the immediate problem (but it did present something new, so you're probably living easier for it)... After just happening to want to play one of my games, I find that one of them is snotty about my DVD drive being renamed SCSI. Now it thinks I'm running CD emulation and refuses to start up. (Thanks a lot, EA) So, those extra Sata slots probably make a world of difference, depending on application.

    But, I concur. My revision 1 motherboard has too many quirks for comfort. I know my USB isn't rock solid. Having a lot of devices connected (in my case, midi, scanner, tablet, mouse, keyboard, webcam, printer)... Sometimes the BIOS doesn't know what's going on and thus the keyboard is disabled until windows comes up or I disconnect all the other devices. (a good reason to keep a ps/2 adapter for an emergency)

    But, overall, this was a better experience than the previous motherboard I was intending to use, which was a Biostar model based on the same chipset and functionality. It was suggested there were bad capaciters. When too much was going on (drive access, audio, graphics, and cpu) The board would squeel (yes, the mb itself), either that or shut off altogether. So that got RMA'd and I though I'd try my luck with Gigabyte. I'm kinda ~eh~ on the brand. It runs hot and with minor issues. I'd have gotten Asus if I had the choice at the time, but I was on a budget.

    Good luck with your new setup. =)
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