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X1800XL AIW filling screen with artifacts

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December 11, 2007 10:06:46 PM

I had my card working smoothly for slightlymore than a year .... and after this period it started flooding the screen with artifacts ... guess how long was the card's warranty hehe ? Basically i spend a lot of money on this card and wish to continous using it for some time more htan a year. the temperature on the card is quite "normal" 70degrees celcius. when i used ati tool to scan for artifacts misteriously it didint find any. i tried cleaning the contancts ... using a differetn out put ... a different panel and also a different mother board. as a final attempt i was going to flash the bios to a fresh one but didnt fund any around for the AIW version. would be glad if somone posts any suggestion or sends me the bios its self. with anticipated thanks fo your help :) 

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December 11, 2007 10:44:45 PM

I'm assuming you've already cleaned the heatsink without it fixing the problem. The only other thing to check is to make sure your PSU is working properly. If the x1800xl isn't receiving good power, who knows what it will do. If that fails, the only thing left to do is to drop the clocks until the problem goes away. I wouldn't bother trying to flash its bios.
December 11, 2007 11:01:28 PM

Not that it helps, but I've been running my X1800XL in my 24/7 all-purpose rig since Aug 2006.

I'm assuming when you say, "using a differetn out put", you mean you've used both the DVI output as well as the VGA port on the multi-output dongle. Both gave you the artifacts? What about S-Video out to a TV (just for testing purposes)?

Do you have the FM Tuner antenna connected? If so, have you tried with out it?

Just tossing out ideas here.

-Wolf sends

4745454b makes some good suggestions as well
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December 12, 2007 6:24:39 AM

I've tried with a different motherboard and power supply ... and used as well ati tool to lower the clocks and was wuite astonished that that solution didint work .... but it was almost a week ago so i will try again ... i was very happy with the card it performed well and the AIW features were gr8 but now that it stopped working after a year im very disappinted ....i used also vga and dvi and both gave the same results .... i also tried to clean the contactson the board its self but nothign seemed to work. :(  and i cant find the Ati AIW x1800XL bios any where althoughim quite sure it will not make any difference at all
December 12, 2007 6:47:46 AM

Not that it helps the OP, but I've been running my x1800XT since very early July without any problems. It has been a very good card, I haven't even touched the VIVO yet. (well, not quite true, I do use the VO. I have the video out hooked up to my TV.)

If you've tried a different motherboard and PSU, tried cleaning it, and tried to downclock it, I'm afraid there isn't much left to try. I don't know why yours died, but I'm guessing it did. I don't think there is anything left for you to do.