Having trouble fitting stock intel cooler Q6600

I've installed my new Q6600 but can't seem to fit the cooler on properly. It's the stock intel cooler, does it matter which way round the cooler goes? Because there's no mention of that in any of my documentation. When I push one of the plastic things through the whole in the mobo everything seems fine, until I trying to push more than 2 into place. If I push more in, the others will pull back out. I've tried considerable force but can't get all 4 to stay in at the same time. What could I be doing wrong? I'm pretty sure I installed the cpu correctly, I pulled up the lever, took off that little plastic guard that's on there, lifted up the metal flap thing, inserted the cpu pushed the flap down and then put the lever back into place. It looks level. It's different from my last build, (amd) as there's no protruding pins on the cpu, just little circular contacts. :pt1cable: But it seems to be in place.

Oh and the three bits of thermal grease stuff on the bottom of the stock cooler? Should I leave that on there (due to mesing around with the cooler it's all smeared over the cpu now.) Will that stuff cool adequately? I think I have some silver compound left that I could replace it with, but if the stuff that on there already will do an acceptable job, I'd rather leave it on.
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  1. The stock cooler and thermal paste should suffice.

    It takes a lot of force to get the intel push-pins in correctly. My father's build was idling at 55 C or so, and it turned out the heatsink wasn't on 100%. We removed the mobo and the cpu from the case, and got 3 of the pins on, then setup a support underneath the mobo to push the last pin in. I believe you should start with opposite corners for your first two presses.

    To recap:
    1) Remove cpu from mobo, and mobo from case.
    2) setup a support under the mobo cpu socket
    3) double check that the locking part of the push-pins are pushed out correctly
    4) press in one corner, then its opposite, then the other two.
    5) if you have trouble with the last one, sometimes pressing between thumb and forefinger will help.

    This brought the idle temps down to ~20C, and 35C under load.
  2. I've got it secured, thanks for the help. The fouth pin isn't in properly, but the cooler seems rock solid and so I don't think it'll be a problem, I'll check my temps when I boot and if they're too high I'll take the cooler off and try again, but if they're ok I'll leave it as it is.
  3. If your pins are in the unlock position they wont stay in. They should be oppisite the way the arrow points. I've had troulble getting them in if the board is in the case. Some cases dont allow enough room for them to push all of the way in and the only way around it is to install outside the case.
  4. If they are all not in it has a very good chance of falling off with expansion contraction and dust build up later on. Or if you bump it somehow.
  5. Just thought I'd revive this thread since I'm sure people are continuing to have the same problem, and after fighting with it myself for a while, I worked out a somewhat less crappy method..

    Alternate corners like the manual says, but make sure you leave the push-pin closest to the nearest mobo support (probably at the top-right) for last. For each pin, try pulling it back out after you pushed it in. If it has any give to it at all, it hasn't fully 'clicked' in. You're leaving the best-supported pin for last because you're going to have to REALLY push that sucker to get it in. After trying for a while, I found the best way was a quick, hard force, rather than a continuous pressure.

    Hope that helps. Man was that a PITA..
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