Salvaging Data from an old HD

I recently build a new PC, as my old one had failed and I could in no way could find out what exactly was the problem but I was due for an update anyway. Yet, I've lost my thousands of MP3s, and even valuable college work.

The Old HD, isn't too old, it is SATA.

It has Windows XP on it, and I'm currently running Vista on this PC, I was just wondering how I would go about retrieving all the data from the old HD and brining it onto my new PC?

Any advice on how to go about this? Help?

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  1. 1. you should be able to plug it into one of the sata ports on your new pc, plug in a power connector, and boot into vista. Then you should be able to see the drive under 'my computer' as just another drive. open can copy away. If that doesn't work right away and the system is trying to boot to the old hd, then you need to find a way to set the boot priority/hard drive priority.

    2. You can also buy an external enclosure. however, this would take a few days to buy off of an online source. If you can find one locally at best buy or something, that would work just fine.
  2. You could also try a disk rcovery program, such as...

    I've used Spinrite to recover files from hard drives 'on their way out' before...but it isn't foolproof. Sometimes drives are too far gone for even a temporary recovery from Spinrite, but at least you have a chance.
  3. Test the drive to see if its defective. You can get all the testing utilities from th e maker's website or just download the ultimate boot cd.

    But yeah you can just connect it and make sure the CMOS setup has the drive with the working os first in the boot order.

    I like those IDE/SATA/notbook to USB 2.0 adapters myself. A lot of times when a drive is defective enough to prevent the system from booting you can still pull data of it via one of those.

    I use GetDataBack to recover files from a defective/formatted/repartitioned hard drive.
  4. When inserting the HD to my current computer do I need to move anything around? Because I know on older IDE HDs, you had to change it to Slave etc...
  5. ^No SATA is auto configuring. Just make sure your First Boot disk is the one with Vista.

    I do hope you had back up of your stuff. !
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