Replaced my lexmark cartridge but they still wont print

ive changed my cartridges it kept saying black cartridge needs replaced these are brand new , then i scanned alignment page now it wont let me print at all why?
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  1. Double check to make sure they are installed correctly, and make sure you removed the plastic strip on the cartridges.
  2. Try removing the cartridge from the printer > close the cover > unplug the printer from the power source. Clean the nozzles of the cartridge using a damp paper towel. Plug printer back to power source. When it's ready, reload the cartridge. If problem persists, try loading a known working black cartridge or better try it with another black cartridge. The cartridge may have defective contacts which I hope has not.
  3. Check the contacts in your printer through which cartridge is connected.
    If cartridge is not well placed,then it will be not recognized by printer and because of that you can't get print.
    Check it.
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