how do i find out if the hard -drive is running at 3.0Gb/s?

i was wondering does the hard-drive actually runs at that rate or do u have to enable something in the bios? any way to find out with a program, just curious.
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  1. Hard drives don't run at 3 Gb/s, the SATA interface does. The only data read at high speed is the content of the HD cache (burst rate). The sustained rate depends on the model of drive, but even a velocorapter cannot read data from the platter at 3Gb/s. To measure your drive performance try HdTune or HdTach.

  2. thanks, i downloaded it the benchmark result transfer rate max 90.6mb/sec
    averag 79mb/sec. for burst rate , only 110.9mb/sec. seems alright ?
    i have the Seagatea 7200.10 ST3250410AS 250GB hard drive
  3. I have not used HdTune, but I've seen other broadly-based benchmark systems that yield an average data transfer rate over almost a whole disk drive in a long series of data moves. Numbers I'm used to for SATAII are around 40 to 60 MB/s, so yours look quite good. Truth is, HDD's can't provide data to keep up with the max burst rate possible on either SATA or SATAII interfaces.
  4. oh thank you for explaining it. i was just little worried. first time for buildin a pc, i want to run everything fast ! lol
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