HDD only seeing 31.8/250 GB

Hey, so i have a fairly old (a few years) 250GB hdd. It is the slave drive in my computer. Previously i had three partitions on the computer. 100gb off the 250g for xp, 150gb off the 250g for storage, and 60gb off a 60g hdd for storage. I just reinstalled windows on the 60gb hdd and the 250gb hdd is only being detected as 31.8gb. It seems odd that the rest could have just "gone bad" in the time that i reinstalled windows since it was working before. I have tried using MaxBlast 5, which did nothing except wipe off the 31.8gb that it saw. Any suggestions to what i can do to get the rest of my hdd back.
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  1. Is your new XP install running any Service Packs? Is the drive running on a dedicated disk controller? Is it running on an auxiliary disk controller (like a separate Promise controller) built onto the motherboard?
  2. SP3
    The drive is a slave on primary IDE
  3. Seems odd that it would cut off right at 32GB as if limited by the disk format.
    Did you reformat the disk in FAT32 using the included utility in XP? That might have something to do with it. DiskUtility is limited to creating FAT32 partitions of 32GB or less, despite the ability of XP to read and write to FAT32 partitions larger than that. Try formatting the disk as NTFS.

    But I don't really know anything regarding the matter, so I might have overlooked something. If it works, great! If not, well I know nothing! :P
  4. Well, i used maxblast and did NTFS. Also... i just ran the seagate sea tools on the hdd and it passed all of the tests. Even the bios reads the hdd as the 31.8 (And it seems that the .8 flucuates. After each restart it jumps to .4, or once it even went to 33.5.
  5. On some HDD there is a jumper switch that limits it's capacity to 32 GB. Check to see if the jumper is put on slave.
  6. I havn't changed the jumper since i reinstalled windows. I checked also and it is on slave
  7. Since you're running it as a slave you are also limited by that 60GB drive as far as the way the disk controller interfaces with your hard drives. Try disconnecting the 60GB drive and setting the 250 as your primary drive, then delete the disk partitions and format it.
  8. Alright, well I set the 250gb as the master (with jumper), completly disconnected the other, and the Bios and Maxblast are seeing it as 33.8gb. This is so annoying...
  9. Could be a motherboard BIOS limitation? Mind listing full specs?
  10. There are various was to limit a drive to 32 GB for compatibility reasons.
    Check the jumpers settings the is usually a 32 GB clip.

    Boot from both the manufacturers diagnostic and setup utilities.
    Check to see if there are any relevant configuration settings.
    Use one of them to write zero's to the entire drive.

    Don't use the setup utility to partition and format the drive. Format the zeroed drive using Windows Disc Manager or Acronis Disc Director.
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