need your advice between these two choices

hi, im getting a new computer mainly to play games for the next 2 to 3 years. unfortunately im on a tight budget and have narrowed my options down to two package deals. i dont really use much big programs, and i just want a basic gaming pc where i can upgrade the ram and the graphics card about 2 years down the road. graphics detail doesnt have to be that fantastic, i just want the games to run smoothly. so hope to get ur comments and whatever suggestions you have!

Intel Core 2Duo 2.2Ghz E4500 2MB CPU
Gigabyte 945GC-MX 1066fsb M.board
1GB Pc5300 DDR2-667 Kingston Ram
160GB Sata2 8MB 7200rpm HDD
20x SAM DVD-RW Writer w/soft
25mb Intel Extreme GMA PCI-EX on-board Graphics

ATX 450 Watts H Tower Casing

total : $556

i have the option to make the following upgrades:
C2D E4600 - 2.40Ghz/2mb CPU - $40
2GB Ram - $30
250 HDD Sata - $20
8500GT - $120

i intend to upgrade the total will be $766

Intel Core2Duo E6750 2.66G/4mb LGA775 CPU
Gigabyte p35-DS3L SOLID 1333 FSB M.board
1GB Pc5300 DDR2-667 Kingston Ram
80GB SATA2 8mb 7200rpmHDD
20X SATA DVD-RW Writer w/Soft
256mb 16x PCI-Ex 8400GS Nvidia
ATX 450 Watts H Tower Casing

Total - $856

optional upgrades :
q6600 - 2.66ghz 8mb -$140
2GB Ram- $35
160gb - $20
8500GT 256mb -$60

My total budget is about $900 thanks in advance..hope u can help me figure this out..
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  1. those prices sound way too high...
  2. Has to be one of these 2?? Wow, where to begin. the second one if you have to choose. If you build your own... (and I would)

    The E4500 is good, Q6600 might be overkill for a budget gaming rig. 945 MB is junk, look at a 965 or P35 MB for under $100. Get 2GB of RAM, DDR2 800 should be around $50. 160GB HDD is fine. DVD drive is good. ATX case is $30 or so, 400w PSU is $40-50, get a good one. Whatever money you have left over goes into a graphics card. 8600GT at a min for around $70-80, new 3850/3870 if you can get it at MSRP $170-230, 8800GT if you have the cash $250+.

    so it would be
    E4500 $125 (E2140 would sub here if you need to save $. they're $75)
    P35 DS3L MB $95
    2GB RAM $50
    160GB HDD $50
    DVDRW $35
    Case $30
    400w PSU $50 (FSP and Antec make quality cheap PSUs)

    We are up to $435 here, now you add the video card of your choice. $700 total with an 8800GT and GREAT gaming now, not 2 years from now. Look into building your own. If you aren't comfortable doing that, I'd be happy to put one together for you for a reasonable fee.
  3. I'm going to have to agree with nvalhalla.
    You wont get much gaming out of any of those builds.
    The one nvalhalla threw up there is a good choice/price.
    Only thing to keep in mind is nvidia is supposedly releasing their 9000's come Febuary..... And who knows what's going to happen to the price/performance of the cards.

  4. In principal I also agree with nvalhalla, however you're going to spend more than $50 on a quality PSU, especially with an 8800GT. Choose one from Tier-3 or better from the list at
    You might get by with a $64 FSP.
    An 8500GT is not a good gaming card. Read the article on the best gaming cards for the money.
    In any case, $900 should buy a very competent machine, although you don't say if you already have a monitor (and keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc).
  5. If your willing to build a PC than you'd be better off. Most of us can show you all of your parts that you'd need, including links and prices. This would be the best option, if your up to it. The 2nd option is better, but I'd drop down on the CPU and allow more $ for a better video card, if that was the only 2 options to me.
  6. One thing to remember is an OS. If you already have one great, but if not, be sure to include that in you're build. Is it included in the 2 that you mentioned in you're original post?
  7. thanks for the replies...sorry i didnt put in more details. I have a monitor keyboard speakers OS etc. i have another cpu but its quite outdated..the only thing that i can re use is my dvd drive and hardrive. i guess the prices seem high cos over here in singapore computer hardware is quite a rip off. n the reason i want to choose between the two is cos they are offering a installment plan for these two packages. my main concern is upgradability. i will get a new graphic card n mebbe new ram maybe end of next year, so i need my motherboard to be able to support new video cards. but right now im kinda stuck between these two..

    these are the prices that are being offered in singapore:

    I think that if i buy all the parts individually it wuld be more expensive, which is why im even considering this package deal. so thanks for ur input guys hope to hear what u guys think.
  8. Well more than likely you can build a better system than a pre-configured one, but I usually don't recommend pre-builts. Mainly because they usually have limited upgrade paths and generally suck! I just won't go back there ever again.
  9. Well, if it's a forced choice, Option #2 has a current motherboard with a good upgrade path, so it is really your only choice. Option #1 was obsolete months ago.
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