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Torrent client (vuze) eating through RAM...chomp chomp!

Last response: in Apps General Discussion
February 1, 2013 9:44:07 PM

So this is something that I've been wondering about for a bit...why is it that when I start running my torrenting client (Vuze, formerly known as Azureus) I have roughly 4GB of free memory, but then about 45 minutes to an hour later I'm down to < 1GB. I've allocated 30MB for read/write cache, enabled cache download data to reduce disk writes/reads, and have a max of 50 files to be concurrently opened for read/write.

Does Vuze not clear out its cache each time it fills up, and just keeps moving through the RAM? I'm not running any other applications either, so...

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks ahead of time. :) 

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February 6, 2013 9:30:06 AM

Vuze is known to be resource-heavy. Try clearing out the cache if there is an option and see if that reduces the RAM usgae.
February 7, 2013 3:56:23 AM

Well I don't run the GUI version, but instead the classic version so it's not too bad initially. It's only when I start downloading that it slowly eats away (indicating that it's from the read/write function).

Also, I have an app that allows me to free up my RAM, and after I run it I'm mostly back to the original amount that I had free (with Vuze still running). I just didn't know if there was someone else out there that's experienced this before or are aware of how Vuze works in this regard.

And I have 30MB set aside for cache, which is pretty small when taken out of 8GB total.