Why is my front e-SATA not working?

ok well i finally have my new case, NZXT Tempest. so called the airflow king, well guess what, it is and it's dead silent. kick ass case and i love it. anyways, well now i got absolutely everything working, if you remember me form that 100c cpu thing, well yeah figured it out. now the front e-sata doesn't seem to be working for my external hdd, i mean, it works perfect on usb, but on e-sata, wont' detect it. i tried scan for new hardware, before on e-sata i always had to do it for hdd to come up, well e-sata is considered internal hdd so you sorta have to do the scan. yes i turned on hdd i'm not that stupid
By the way, yes i did flash my BIOS, and still same thing

system specs:

ECS PA1 MVP motherboard
Corsair TWIN X 1GB ram (512 x2)
Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz cpu
ATI Radeon 2600 HD PRO 512MB gpu
Ultra X-Finity 2G 600W psu
Samsung Write Master DVD burner
Antazone AS-C1000 cpu cooler
OCZ Ultra +5 thermal paste
Seagate Barracuda 250GB SATA 3GB hdd (x2)
NZXT Tempest case
Dell 17" LCD monitor
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  1. Is your sata port set to AHCI mode? Without this it may not support hot swap.

    Try to power off turn on the drive and then power up and see if it is there.

    You also may have to partition and format it if its new in disk management(My Computer->Manage->Disk Management).
  2. meh not gonna work bud. first of all, this is an hdd in enclosure and it is not hot swappable, to have it recognize in windows if i turn drive on after boot up, i have to go to computer management and scan for hardware changes. and second, it's not detecting it in bios, soon i will try using the e-sata bracket i use to use to c if it works, if so, then either bad cable and i can just switch it or something wrong with chip on case, altho everything els works flawlessly
  3. ok well i tried and it works on the bracket, i tried another cable for the front panel e-sata and still nothing. does anybody know what could e going on with it?
  4. update, tried the jumper thign to limit the drive to 1.5GB and i dont' know if it did it b4, but when i turn on the drive when it's in esata on front, the hdd activity light stays on, when i turn it off, it continues flashing like usual.
  5. I know the drive enclosure is not for hot swap, but to connect with windows on, it has to be able to hot swap since the computer is already powered(that is part of hot swap).

    If it works on the bracket, then it looks like the E-sata port on the case is defective.
  6. Im in agreeance with Nuke, it has to be hot swappable for the OS to detect it automattically like a USB device.
  7. yeah well my mobo doesn't have the AHCI in BIOS meaning that it's pretty much by default hot swappable on. and nuke seems right, could just be a defective front e-sata port. but if anybody els ever comes up with something that could help, nice. for now, thanks nuke. altho i sorta found out right after i've tried many things. i still find it weird that when the hdd is plugged in but not on the hdd activity led will flash like normal but when i turn on the drive, it's constantly on, only through e-sata and yet nothing is being detected when scanning or nothing is being red. reason why i actually connected the power and hdd leds, ther'es awsom on this case, and the power led connects through 4 pin molex, hdd is jstu extra looks :P
  8. ECS boards are typically low end. alot of low end boards will force ide emulation over sata ports for better compatibility, so if ahci is not in the bios it means it not supported.

    Try powering you computer and external HDD off. then turn the hdd on, then turn the PC on. If it shows up then you will know it's the ahci thing. If not then faulty esata port.
  9. ^Agree
  10. well my hdd isn`t a hot swapable type. you still need to go to computer management to have it detected. and either way, that`s why i agreed wiht nuke. becasue it probably is a defective front e-sata port. because it will see it when i boot up on a back bracket.
  11. Have you tried Nzxt's tech support. I had a similar problem (USB) with my Antec 900 and Antec sent me a new front I/O panel at no cost.

    Support and Service
    If you have any more questions or have problems with the
    NZXT product you purchased, please don’t hesitate to contact
    service@nzxt.com along with a detailed explanation of your problem
    and your proof of purchase. You may inquire about replacement
    parts at rma@nzxt.com.
    Thank you again for purchasing an NZXT case. If you have
    any more comments or questions. Please visit our website or send
    us an email.
    NZXT Website: www.nzxt.com
    Email our design team: designer@nzxt.com
  12. Seems odd that a drive enclosure with an e-SATA interface would prevent hot swapping. The drive itself wouldn't be the problem as any drive is hot-swappable, it depends on the interface it's connected to. The enclosure could be preventing hot-swap or it could be your mobo. It's not the drive. Anyway, it could still be the enclosure causing the problem. If you really wanted to test the front port, try with just a standard SATA drive and a sata to e-SATA cable and power cable.
  13. The hdd doesn't have to be a hot swapable type. The motherboard MUST support AHCI and it must be set to enabled to use as hot swapable. There is no default for it. You also need a driver to support AHCI on the controller.

    ECS boards are rather low budget boards but I've seen them work for years trouble free. But with it being low budget you get a low budget manual with it. ECS site does say your PA1-MVP supports eSATA if its a Version2 board. But going thru the manual for that board it doesn't give you any hint on how to set it up.

    To use eSATA (as hot swapable) on your board it most likely is a function of the SATA2 controller and if its anything like the eSATA controller on my Gigabyte board it may have a setting for RAID or AHCI on this controller. It would also requirer the RAID controller driver.

    To use eSATA without AHCI capabilitys you would need to have the external drive powered on before you start the computer each time.
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