Best way/software to encode video and audio?

What is the best way to encode video and audio and convert between different format and codecs? I heard something about some software called handbrake, Is that a good software for that? I'm just asking I don't know much about this, and I also need something to encode FLACs(I know Audacity can do that but if I'm not mistaken you have to load each file separately, Is there any easier way to do this?)
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  1. Handbrake is good and so is MPEG Streamclip and both are free. I don't anything about the FLAC format but this site may help with an encoder.
  2. Handbrake is fine, but the latest version only supports MP4 & MKV.. i never stick to one tool & so i use some other converters based on the requirement

    please visit the product websites for full features,

    AutoGK ** DVD to AVI/DivX/XVid

    AVIRecomp ** resize .avi file & more

    i use the tool a lot for resizing avi file , its the one of best tool for avi resizing without loss of quality

    video to video converter

    all in one converter with tons of features

    Free videomake converter
    *** with an option to limit the output size *****which i want the most of time because of my limited storage capacity..

    all in one

    Format factory

    all in one along with support for pictures

    AVIMux gui **** avi & mkv only

    simplest tool to combine several video, audio or subtitle files into one file, with out without size restriction

    apart from this i use tools included with Cowon JetAudio *** you can try it if you give more attention to audio effects & audio clarity (((((( which i'm not able to find from any other media players)))))) , SRS Audio Sandbox also gives something special for audio experience( i use older version bcz newer one is messed up)
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