Zotac 8800GT Amp! Edition - 6 pin PCIE to 2 * 4 pin molex required?

Hi, just got this card today, and it's the first card I've had that came with a 6 pin PCIE to 2 *4 pin molex (3 pins wire on each molex) cable. The instruction manual for the card however doesn't mention anything about this cable - it's just a generic set of instructions for all their graphics cards by the looks of it

1. Locate the slot; insert the card firmly into the PCI-Express/AGP/PCI slot
2. Plug the display cable into the VGA card

and that's all.

Is the cable needed? I've emailed zotac and just waiting for a reply, but I'm hoping posting here will help me more quickly
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  1. also, there's an spdif cable that came with it. what's that for?

  2. Yes, you need to connect the PCIE cable.
  3. If you have a PCI-Express cable from the power supply plug that in the video card. It should go in easy. If you have to force there is something wrong.
    If your power supply does not have a 6 pin PCI-Express cable use 6 pin PCIE to 2 *4 pin molex to power the video card.
  4. thanks

    one more thing. my psu is the akasa ak p400fg , which has 2 12volt rails. 12v1 supplies 14 amps, and 12v2 supplies 15. am I right in thinking these can be added together, as this card requires 28 amps the 12volt line
  5. PSU should be fine.

    Out of curiosity, where did you get the Zotac card? I looked for it but couldn't find a retailer who stocked it in the States.
  6. dilb said:
    as this card requires 28 amps the 12volt line
    Your card doesn't actually require 28 amps, that is the recommended total output from the PS on the 12v line(s). That 28 amps includes the needs of your entire system (CPU, mobo, graphics, drives, etc ).

    Since you have two 12v rails, for a rough extimate you could just add them, but, in reality, the sum of the individual rails does not equal the total amperage capacity (for 12v). For the actual amperage rating you need to look at your PS rating sticker. There is possibly a rating for the combined 12v rails (which may be listed in watts) that would give you the total 12v amp rating. (remember that voltage * amperage = power in watts)

    Actually, I just found a pic of that models rating sticker, and it's not so useful. It says 130W for combined 3.3V and 5v, and 400W total. Assuming (400W-130W=) 270W for 12v1, 12v2, -12v and 5vsb, and ignoring the 5vsb and -12v gives a combined 12v rating of (270W/12v=) 22.5A on the combined 12v rails.

    However, I'm surprised your card recommends 28A on the 12v rail. Even the eVGA 8800GT SSC recommends only 22A on 12v.
  7. Thanks Gremline, that cleared a lot up. However I ordered decent 500W PSU before that post - just as well anyway as the old Akasa one I'm using is starting to rattle.

    WMTP. I got mine from microdirect.co.uk for £170 (might be cheaper for people in the US, I don't know if you have to pay VAT if importing from the UK). They're currently out of stock though, but you can tag each product and it'll automatically email you when they come back in stock
  8. You're better off safer than sorry. An underpowered PSU can cause major headaches with stability and crashing, and the symptoms don't usually point directly at the PSU.
    I think you'll be happy. Good luck!

    PS - I just got MY Asus 8800GT in the mail yesterday (along with some other bits)! WOOT!
  9. wmtp03 said:
    PSU should be fine.

    Out of curiosity, where did you get the Zotac card? I looked for it but couldn't find a retailer who stocked it in the States.

    What do you mean you haven't seen Zotac in the states?!!?? Where the Heck do you shop? Don't you know the only place you should buy PC parts are on Newegg.com?




    The last link is the 8800GTS not the GT, but both are PCI Express 2.0
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