Intel Core 2 Quad Motherboard Recommendations

I wanted some oppinions on what the best chipset/motherboard is to pair with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700?
I'm having trouble telling which are better than the other?
Intel X38, Intel P35, Intel G33, Intel G35 nVidia 680i, nVidia 650i, etc.

I am looking to build a fast gaming machine.

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  1. p35 if you only need one gpu. X38(intel), 680i/7 series chipset from nvidia,if you need sli.
  2. I agree with deranged,

    but if I were you, I'd wait a bit until febuary-march

    because then intel and amd will release new processors.

    (amd wil releas b3 stepping of the phenom it's not new, but better than prevorious version)

    Intel wil release new 45nm quad cores, like Q9450.

    That's what I should do if i had the money..

    btw, if you're going for the new 45nm processors from intel, a 680i chipset will not do, it doesn't support the new 45nm processors.
  3. Evga or XFX Nvidia 780i.
  4. I already have the Q6700 CPU, so I was just looking for the best chipset/motherboard to go along with it.
    I am looking for SLI, so it seems it is between the X38 and 780i?
    Any one better than the other? Any motherboards based on these better than others from what you know?
  5. 680i chipsets do support 45nm with a BIOS update. I have a DFI LanParty 680i LT T2-R that will support 45nm after the update it released.
  6. xxjudgmentxx said:
    680i chipsets do support 45nm with a BIOS update. I have a DFI LanParty 680i LT T2-R that will support 45nm after the update it released.

    A lot of 680i's will not be able to use the 45nm chips.

    Wait a month or so. Get the one of the newer chipsets
  7. Evga is doing an upgrade (if you already have a evga 680i) to the new 780i for $80. That includes shipping and handeling fees. XFX i belive, is also doing the same thing. 780i have PCIe 2.0 x3 and the fsb can go much higher then 680i.

    Honestly, I can recommend the 680i for I have one. I can not say anything bad against the x38 or other intel chipsets or any other ones because I dont have them.
  8. SLI only works on Nvidia boards such as the 650i, 680i, and 780i. The 6XXi series is fairly incompatible with the new 45nm CPUs from Intel, so the 780i is the obvious choice here.
  9. The thing to be careful about when looking at compatibility is that the 6xxi Series often promises 45nm Penryn support.

    The key here is that they are not promising Quad but Simply Dual support. We will need to wait and see what happens. Rumors have it that supporting the quads may require a physical change in the boards to get the Quad support.

    This is why the 780i will be able to support the quads by not the 680i, even though they are based on the same chipset.

    There is a chance that the 6xxi series could support the Quad Penryns when they are released, but that will likely require a change on Intel's part and not a simple BIOS update. This could still happen since supposedly pre-release PENRYN worked on the 680i boards so maybe they will again when the next batch ship.
  10. ya I should have said x38 is for crossfire/ one card only...

    If this is a cost efficient way for you... or you already have one.
  12. In my opinion X38 ..
  13. If you've already got the CPU, and you're looking for something cheap with some decent capacity to overclock and SLi capability, i've found nothing wrong with the MSI P6N Platinum. Can run my Q6600 at 3.3ghz, very nice looking bit of kit plus it's got support for 4 IDE devices ( For hard drive whores like me, i just can't let go...).

    Doesn't look like you'll be getting 45nm, but, cheap is cheap.
  14. I'm lovin the x38 chipset. Frankly, The only reason to get nvidia chipsets is if you have an nvidia GPU and really want SLI. If you just need one GPU don't ever buy a 680/780, get the abit ip35 pro. x38 can run crossfire and two 3870's will cost you about $450... veru good performance for the money (beats an 8800 ultra a lot of the time). Also the x38 should support penryn without a problem save for the qx9770. I guess the whole penryn thing is kind of a moot point seeing as you have a q6700!

    WOW! just looked at 680/780 prices! 780 is way to expensive! as for the 680, for the same price or a little more you can get a very nice x38 board!
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