What is the best CPU/Processor currently out there?

I've heard about AMD Quad-Core, Intel Xeon and Intel Dual Core Duo 2 and some Intel *****(?) Extreme.

So basically just wanna know the best one currently out just by answering the questions below.

1) Best for gaming.
2) Best for speed.
3) Best for just an average computer.

Cheers! =D
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  1. 1) Q6600.
    2) QX9650
    3) 5000+ Black Edition

    1) Easy OCing, fast, when multithreaded gets going in games it'll be a monster. Currently G0s are yielding great overclocks (on average).

    2) You just can't compare anything to a 45nm chip that will do 4 GHz on air.

    3) Cheap, effective dual core with easy overclocking.
  2. As an AMD fanboi I have to honestly agree cnumartyr is pretty well spot on.

    The 5000+ is a good cheap proposition because the mobo's (mid range) are cheaper for the same options, and due to the unlocked multiplier you should be able to overclock it quite a bit without messing around with expensive ram or complex bios decisions. This gives you more money to spend on a decent graphics card:

    1) 8800GT (without breaking the bank)
    2)8800GTX / or Ultra (or 2 in SLI if your rich)
    2) ATI 3850 (best performance for the price at the mid-range)

    I'd still say the low end E series Intel CPU's can deliver a better performance gain in the overclock, but the mobo price, ram makes them a bit more expensive - so your call.

    I would be hard pressed to look past a Q6600 tho ... for me.

    Alas AMD can't compete in the higher end of the cpu market yet because their new phenoms have a bug so the first batch are mutant !!
  3. Aye, cnumartyr hit the nail right on the head.
  4. Quote:
    What is the best CPU/Processor currently out there?

    Your brain.


    Oh, I'll also agree with cnumartyr on the CPU line up.
  5. Completely Wrong Question.
    There are logs of Good CPUs.
    Some are so expensive with minimal gains of CPUs one step less that only somebody with no concern over money in any way should buy these CPUs.

    Also, the CPU is not the most important of a Gaming Computer.

    Give an Approximate Budget and ask for a Build.

    $550 might get you a decent computer that can game some.
    $850 will get you a real nice system
    $1200+ Kickin System.

    These are just round numbers pulled from the top of my head and are inclusive of an OS which will cost you about $100.
  6. Cnumartyr's list does answer the OP's question, however, as zenmaster said, it's still determined by the two factors: What will it be used for and what's your budget Personally, for me, the best CPU is the BE-2400.
  7. For an average computer one of the AMD's BE2xx0 or X2 3800+ or Intel's E21x0 or E4x00 would suffice
  8. the best processer ever is the pentium 3, why? because people pay you to take it away from them :lol: that makes it infintely valuable...
  9. I recommend Intel's Core i7 it supposedly blows Core 2 Extreme out of the water!
  10. ^^lol you registered to say that in a one year old thread. GG
  11. Heres what i got for around $980

    AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Socket AM2 CPU
    WD VelociRaptor 300GB SATA HD 10K/16MB/SATA-3
    Aerocool Xtreme Turbine - Black 120mm Case Fan
    Vantec Aeroflow FX120 CPU Cooler 478/754/939/940/A
    OCZ Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth 4096MB PC6400 DDR2
    XFX GeForce 8200 MCP Socket AM2+ Motherboard
    Planar PJ17 17in 1280x1024 5ms Black LCD Monitor
    Aspire X-Qpack 420W PSU NO window Black on Black

    can run just about nething w/o a video card.
  12. 1) intel core i7 965 extreme, no question, it is the best for gaming GUARANTEED!
    3)5000+ black edition

    i7 is the top line for gaming CPU's, but be warned, they are expensive!
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