How to install K7T266 Pro drivers?

I just got off the phone with an MSI-TECH, who has emailed me the drivers for my MS-6380 (K7T266 Pro) Motherboard. My issue is this; I installed MS Windows XP Pro on my project garbage PC, but unfortunately my Device Manager shows that under "Other Devices" my Ethernet Controller and my USB Host to Host Bridge drivers are not there (the yellow question mark), naturally preventing me from connecting the computer to the Internet. So I dropped the Folder the Tech dude emailed me onto my desktop; "WinXP" within this folder there are 3 files; FASTTRAK (Security Catalog), FASTTRAK (Setup Information) and FASTTRAK (System file). From what I'm am only guessing, these files need to be copied into some sort of folder within my C:Windows/System32 folder or something...Any help would be greatly appreciated, YEAH - Completely lost and don't wanna do anything I might regret.
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  1. Suggest you delete the devices that are under Device Manager > Other
    Then reboot.

    If upon rebooting Windows asks for a file location, direct Windows to the desktop location where you saved the files the MSI-TECH gave you.

    After Windows reboots, check your Device Manager.
    Is there still an Other category?
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