8800 GT redundant stream processors?

Alright now i know that in the past there have been some video cards that shaders onboard that are disabled by nvidia for redundancy or whatever. My question is how do we find out if the 8800 GT has redudant shaders? Since the 8800 GTS 512 just came out which is based on the G92 architecture it seems quite possible that the 8800 GT actually has the same amount of shaders as the 8800 GTS 512 but some are just disabled. Does anyone know how to check? and if so how to unlock them?
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  1. In the past many cards have had the shaders there but disabled, however G92 is a different story as far as i know. I think that the shaders are actually laser cut rather than merely being disabled.

    I remember having great fun unlocking the extra pipelines on a 6800LE and doubling it's performance, good times.
  2. what about my 7600 GS can i unlock or does it have extra pipeline?? is there a guide to unlock it?
  3. I would assume not, because its core is fully enabled.
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