[HELP]............How To Install A Second SATA Hard Drive InTo E521

Hey All

I Have A Dell Dimension E521 and im trying to add a second SATA hard drive but i can ....... i have every thing connect the SATA data cable the Power cable and the BIOS recognize it but i want the hard drive appear in main menu in my computer next to the first hard drive

How can i do that?????

Please Help Me ......im want to used the second hard for my FSX Game and photo and music and leave the primary hard drive fresh.

My Specs

Vista 32Bit
AMD 64x2 5600
Seagate 250Gb ( I want to add Maxtor 250GB )
Nvidia 8600GT
500w PSu
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  1. I'm assuming XP.

    Right click on My Computer and click on Manage. Click on Disk Management on the left. Right click on the drive graphic, then partition and format it.
  2. The drive is not formatted or partitioned. I use XP and use DISK Management to setup the partition(s) and then format the drive.
    I right click MyComputer, then MANAGE. You should see your drive under DiskManagement.
    This is where you can partition it into as many different partitions you want. Each partition will get it's own drive letter , D: E: F:, etc. Normally you just want to set up 1 partition using the whole space of the drive. I hope you can figure it from here?
  3. Hey I Have Windows Vista is the same thing??????????
  4. Copied from PM

    It looks like you can get there the same way. Here is a link that shows the long way through control panel, either way is fine. I looks similar to XP. Vista has the ability to resize partitions on the fly as well, but you aren't concerned with that right now.

    How to Use Disk Management in Vista | Windows Reference

    Good Luck
  5. I have the same problem, and i found my answers here!! Useful site!! thumbs up!
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