Can a virus be uploaded to a motherboard?

My brother wanted to get some songs off his old computer and it was getting no post when I turned it on. I plugged his hard drive in place of mine (Mine was not plugged in at the same time his was) to check if the hard drive was working fine. It was getting this weird flashng on the screen then it would say there is a problem with windows and attempt to repair it. Repairing didn't do anything and I couldn't get it to work. Now my computer is doing the same thing. Can a virus be passed through peripherals or a motherboard? I don't see why else it would be doing this.
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  1. the problem is that windows is looking to a master boot record or hardware abstraction layer boot.ini or something like that depending on the os which is on your bro's hard drive and not yours. I hope you did not need that hard drive..
  2. mine will eventually start, i just don't turn it off now... is there any way I can fix either of them?
  3. There are a very limited amount of viruses that can infect the bios of the motherboard but otherwise no.
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