Dvd-RW unit doesent read Dvds

I have a nec ND-3540A and it doesnt read dvds(this all started like a week ago)anymore and the OS(XP pro) shows like theres an empty CD-R in the drive ...can anyone point the issue to this...and maybe a solution...?
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  1. Easiest solution would be a replacement (the issue could be a bad laser).

    $22 (Lite-On 20x DVD-R/RW drive, IDE connection)(Wide flat ribbon cable)


    $23 (Lite-On 20x DVD-R/RW drive, SATA connector)(1" wide connector)

    P.S. after some looking, the ND-3540A is an IDE drive, so go with the first drive I listed.
  2. 1) Are we talking about a burned DVD?
    2) Is this a foreigh DVD?
    3) have you tried RE-Installing the drivers?
  3. well this is very odd ive just tried the ones that i burned recently(7 of them)and 4 of them were burned with my laptop they all work fine on the laptop but i get something like "CD Drive(F)"when i put these ones in my pc(the older ones both burned and retail,work fine(theyr all TDK DVD-R 16x max discs)
  4. Hello
    I have nec dvd writter, ND1 100A it reads cds fine and writes dvd and cds fine
    but dont reads many dvds
    what the problem is this?
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