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Which 8800GT should I get?

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Which 8800GT should I get?

Total: 15 votes (4 blank votes)

  • XFX Extreme Edition - $280
  • 28 %
  • BFG OC Edition (not OC2) - $280
  • 10 %
  • Evga Regular Edition - $270
  • 64 %
December 12, 2007 10:51:47 PM

XFX Extreme Edition - $280
BFG OC Edition (not OC2) - $280
Evga Regular Edition - $270

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December 12, 2007 11:43:41 PM

I say stick with a name brand and buy the base model and OC it yourself. I have had a bad BFG card before and I won't go back to them. They are typically more expensive anyway. I'd either go with an evga (good if you plan on upgrading your video card when a new one comes out that you want/need as they have a 'step-up' program) or XFX, which I believe you can OC and it's still warrantied...don't know about evga's OCing policy though. Either one of those two will do you just fine in my opinion.
December 13, 2007 12:00:19 AM

Honestly i would get the MSI NX8800gt...Becuase i have it!

But out of that list i would go for the EVGA becuase every card ive bought from them 7600gs AGP, 7600gt pcix have worked flawlessly! Hell you can step up with that plan thingy they have.
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December 13, 2007 3:18:44 AM

I'd have to say if the extra performance is worth $10 dollars, then you can answer the question. I can't possibly expect more than a 5% performance increase from one to the other. But $10 is not 5% of the price. It's slightly less. For all I know, there may only be a one percent difference. But that would where I would look for my answer.

I own the BFG version, and as of right now, I am ecstatic. I did have one issue at first. The screen would go blank after a half hour or so of play, forcing to have to hit the reset button. I don't know how, but as of the the last few days, it has resolved ?itself? All i did was crank up the fan speed, and that fixed it. But then I noticed the fan settings reset themselves, and I was playing at default fan speed for days not knowing, and without problems. I'm a little more than baffled. I have never had a machine fix itself. I thought it was overheating but the temps never go over 70 degrees.

Any ideas. Because I'm sure it will happen again.
December 13, 2007 4:28:13 AM

decripple said:
right now you can get the BFG OC edition at Best Buy for $238 before shipping here's the link:

I got mine for $212 including taxes instore from Best Buy. $238-$40 in reward zone credits = 1 cheap 8800GT. Don't trust their website to see if they are in stock instore. I walked into one after work to check on getting a rain check and they were just pulling some out of a shipping crate. The shipping package had 6 or so cards in it. Not sure how many that store got today, but online is sold out again.