Using empty partition with new build

So here's my plan:

So I have an existing PC build that I've been using for a while. When I built my PC I partitioned my HDD in two using one for Vista and the other is unformatted. I've now bought a new motherboard and GPU and want to install it with the same HDD. I think I'm right in thinking it's best to start fresh with a new partition when installing a new motherboard and I just wondered if it were possible to install the componants and then use the 2nd partition on the HDD as the main one. By doing this I would be able to get up and running with Vista again, using my new components. I would then transfer all my old files over and then format the 1st partition.

Is this possible?
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  1. hmmm, good question. I'm pretty sure that is possible but not absolutely sure.

    this is totally hearsay--- but if you hide the -c- partition then it would only think to install on -d- partition, then you boot to -d- and unhide -c-

    let us know if it works
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