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I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, and today it started giving me a fit. It won't let any traffic inbound, and only a little outbound. This happened just after it did one of its many daily updates. I didn't do anything to change any of the settings, they are all set for default. I temporary disabled KAV, and I was able to surf the web, but once I started it, I lost Internet connection. It couldn't even find my satellite modem.
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  1. from Kaspersky-

    We apologize for the inconvenience. It does appear that there was a hiccup with an Update pushed out causing Windows XP machines to lose internet connectivity. An update was just released that should address the issue, what I will need you to do is:

    To get XP users internet connectivity (temporarily), please disable the Web AV component of your protection policy for your managed computers. After doing so;

    In Security Center (or Admin Kit):

    1.) Go to the Repositories section >> (Right click) Updates >> All Tasks >> Clear updates repository.
    2.) Go to the Repositories section >> (Right click) Updates >> Download Updates

    After taking this step, please run your group Update task for Managed Computers. After the update has been pushed to your workstations, please re-enable your Web AV component in your protection policy. This should resolve the issue.
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