Decision Help!!! Regarding BFG 8800GTS 320mb

Hey guys just wanted some opinions on the boards here of what I should do. I built my rig back in August with alot of your help and I really appreciate it. It's a great rig. Right now I'm in a dilemma and ego pressure is causing me want to upgrade again. My specs are an E4300 at stock atm, 2gb OCZ Reaper RAM, CoolerMaster 450W PS. My cpu only runs at 20 degrees cels on load, and 16 idle so I'm sure I can O/C.

ATM, I am using the Asus X1950pro 256mb and the current line of games I play aren't lagging only COD4 for the first few minutes of playing. I found a guy who is willing to sell me his used BFG 8800GTS 320mb for like $150 CDN. Downsides are it wasn't registered 5 months ago when he bought it so no lifetime I think??? Also, no reciept. If someone could clarify that'd be great. And another thing is he removed some screws on the cooler to allow better airflow. Anyone know if anything here is drastic for such a low price?

Anyways, I looked at charts and I looked at reviews and it seems as though this card is decent upgrade compared to my current card. Wanted to know though if you guys think this is worth it? Are the cons I mentioned justifying the price to make this a deal? Is there a way I could argue BFG into giving me the lifetime warranty if it isn't applicable. Do these cards run hot are have short life spans? Any opinions would be greatful.

I've considered Xfire X1950pro (the same price for a new) but I believe the performance of the 8800GTS 320mb is better. And I don't think I have the power supply wattage to handle it, besides I hear dual cards aren't as supported by game desingers.

I want my new purchase to be a bit more future proof. This card is my only "deal" option so the new 8800GT is not an option unfortunately.

Look forward to your replies,

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  1. Another thing, is the card very O/C'able? I don't think my current is however I've never tried. I'd also like to add that I play all my games at 1680 x 1050, max settings. Is that card sufficient? And is my cpu a bottleneck at stock for this card?
  2. I have a 320MB GTS and it does very well in COD4 at 16x10. Crysis is another story. $150 is a good price for sure if the card works. A new HD3850 would cost $160+ tax and is another card you could look into if you want new.

    edit: Your cpu is fine.
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