I have a compaq SR5350F, and I do not see any overclocking options?


I went into my BIOS and I could not find anything about the FSB. Why? I have a Compaq SR5350f

2gb pc2-5300
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  1. 99.99% of all OEM machines have a locked BIOS. You want to overclock, you don't get a HP or any major OEM.
  2. oh ok so theres no way to OC?
  3. Through the BIOS, nope.
  4. Any other methods?
  5. is there any other way i can OC?
  6. Software overclock! It does work... maybe you can find a bypass, or a bios that's the same board only retail, to flash.

    make sure you do your net research before you do though!

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