crossfire pci16 and pci16x4

I have a p5k delux wireless AP crossfire
q6600 oc 3.0ghz
2gig 6400 800
1 3870 visionTECK

I have asked but no one seems to know but my motherboard has 1 pci at 16x and when the board is crossfire
the second pci 16 only runs at 4x so will it even be worth running a second card in cross fire need to know
so I don't waste my money want to be able to play any game at 30 frames or more maybe play ( CRYSIS )at
high setting but that maybe pushing it , small note this is my first pc build and just starting to move to pc gaming
mostly gamed on consoles so any help would be great THANKS
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  1. It did not answer my question but it was a great read I got a lot of good info from it so thanks for your help
  2. well thanks for the help butt this is my first time using the forums inany way or form
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