Modem Problem on Upgraded P5GC-Mx Mobo

I recently upgraded from my Intel 915GVWB mobo to an Asus P5GC-MX board... My processor is the same P4 H.T. 3.0 Ghz 800FSB one which I used in the 915 board... My upgradation was fine and board runs perfectly without overheating or hanging or any other problems... I also transfered my 1 year old Agere PCI-SV92PP 56k internal dial-up modem from my old board to the new one... The modem dials without problems but after some time it disconnects and says that the remote computer did not respond... It didn't even connect a single time... So I tried changing the modem with my friend's modem which is of the same make and model except that it was purchased recently...Also when i query the modem from xp, it returns positive results... no conflicts and problems..
So i thought it would be my telephone line complaint... but i tried reconecting back my old 915 board today and it connected without absolutely any problems... Now writing through it... Anyone help me please...
My old system had 512Mb 400MHz Dual channel DDR 1 Ram and the new one has 2Gb 667MHz Dual channel DDR2 Ram.. I checked every driver details and it says no conflicts... My modem is even able to make telephone calls from my new motherboard but not able to connect the internet... I even tried reinstalling a fresh XP in a seperate drive apart from the one i had installed after the upgrade and i installed only the chipset and modem drivers... still the same scenario... Any Hope anyone?? My last try is for a modem driver upgrade otherwise a new modem... but the new ones available now is the same as mine .. Anybody have any idea of what is happening?? Could it be a PCI slot problem? Will the second slot work fine? or any memory or IRQ assignment problem in the BIOS? anyone help please...
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  1. Check out the Microsoft site and search for something like modem will not connect with XP or something like that. I believe there are some Registry settings that can may help. Found some stuff on this when I was a problem a year or more ago but really don't remember any more details. Dial Up :(
  2. Its not the problem about xp im having buddy.. I used to connect it normally and now also I am connecting.. But when I switch over to my new board, it never does... ANyway I'll try out your advice.. Let me have a search in microsoft.. Thanks for your help..
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