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I loaded XP sp3 OS on my PC. I did all of the updates. I have tried to install drivers for 3 different printers. Shortly after starting the install the message to insert the XP cd comes up. After doing so the message under "files copying" window indicating D:/i386/PSCRIPT.HLP appears followed by another window indicating that the file PSCRIPT.HLP is missing.

How do I fix this.
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  1. Did the XP install complete without any errors?

    Do you have 3 different printers, or did you try 3 different drivers for the same printer?
  2. I tried three different printers. Two HP and One xerox.
  3. Do you have the option to bypass the .hlp file, and continue?
  4. At the window where it want me to insert the XP cd I have an option to click OK if I want the file to be copied to another location. It appears below "copy files from" D:/i386
  5. If you have an XP disc, put it in your DVD drive, and click ok.
  6. I did but it immediately goes to "finish" without installing anything
  7. Let it finish, and see if that solves the problem.
  8. Still no luck. Nothing was installed. I put a seperate hard drive in and re-installed XP and the same problem with a different file. I think my copy of XP sp3 may be the culprit.
    I will try my copy of XP sp2 and go from there.
  9. Another possibility is the DVD drive not reading the disc right.
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