Can i overclock this?

I will be moving to intel's but this will be my first time.. need some help regarding overclocking.

Is it possible to overclock my pc with these.
based on my understanding, intel system should work FSB ratio with CPU, 1:1 or with data rates 2:1. my question is, i have a generic DDR800, would that be ok to match e4600 cpu @ 9 x 333MHZ, ram freq is 333mhz? since im lowering it from 400MHZ to 333, is it ok my ram is generic?undecided for mobo but surely to be looking with FSB1333 support.

Haven't tried intel system, but in my place at noon time, running 4200 X2 AM2 processor @ stock cooler reaches 50-55 deg celcius. Now, what will happen if I happen to buy that e4600 overclocking to 3GhZ using stock cooler? i've heard it runs cool but do you think it will exceed 55 deg celcius?will i be adding voltages reaching 3GHZ?
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  1. The E4600 is a 800Mhz FSB CPU which means it's 200Mhz quad pumped (sends information 4 times per clock) to get the effective FSB of 800. DDR2 sends info twice per clock so to run 1:1 with an 800 CPU you would need DDR2 400. If you overclock the CPU then in order to stay 1:1 you would need to overclock the RAM which is where faster RAM comes in.

    9x333 would be overclocking the E4600 not underclocking and in that case you would be best off with DDR2 667 which would run 1:1. DDR2 800 is a good option in almost all cases simply because it's so inexpensive and you have more options with it (overclock, underclock, reduce timings).

    As for temps you should end up right around where you are 55-60c @ load depending on your cooler.
  2. would I gain a performance if I do that kind of overclock since my ram is generic? what i mean is underclock the ram to 667 and gain 3gz cpu speed reducing multiplier. @ what % would my system gain for that? and as what i know, is raising FSB means raising overall performance? does it affect the bus in my GPU as well?
  3. Overcloking your CPU doesn't do a thing to your GPU.

    If you have your memory that is rated for 400Mhz running at 333Mhz, it doesn't matter what brand it is. Being rated for 400Mhz means its pretty much guarenteed to work at speeds up to 400Mhz. Your memory will be fine.

    You will see a performance gain OCing to 3.0Ghz. How much, couldnt tell you because it depends on what you do. Some games will run better if they are more CPU intensive, other games you wouldn't notice a difference as they rely more on your GPU.
  4. You can still run the memory at 400 Mhz even if your system is running at 333 Mhz. Or you can underclock the memory to 333 Mhz and take advantage of the tighter memory timings. The latter is preferable.
  5. what should i do then with the spare 133 on my ram? would that be fine reducing timing since i am lowering there speed? would that require voltage change? I want to OC but not that much, just default voltages.don't have that good PSU in my place so im scared that if my PSU will break, it will take some of the components as well. but correct me if leaving the voltages @ default would still damage my components once the PSU dies.

    what i meant is the bus in the GPU or the PCIe BUS. this would also mean that DDR800 paired with e8200 with board 1600 oc capability would be fine.400 x 9 = 3600 ddr 800 operating @ full speed. do you have any article between 2:1 vs 1:1 overclocking?
  6. You're mixing things here. If your PSU ever dies, it won't matter at wich voltage since it won't be sustaining it anyway. PSUs have current limiting circuitry that can avoid damage to the system. A little over-tension is not that much of a problem. Your CPU, for instance, is specified by INTEL to work in the 0.85V – 1.5V range. I've ran a OC'ed D805 (power hog) for 2 years on a 250w PSU (risky, but had no problems).

    The PCIe bus has its own frequency.

    There is no significant difference in 2:1, 1:1 or whatever:1(asynchronous)
    Asynchronous operation means at every X cycles you will lose a few nanoseconds. Not noticeable unless you've got a very good precision osciloscope =)

    Actually, I have a pair of Dominator 1066 RAM and it doesn't make a difference. Don't worry too much about ram speed. A nice fancy heatsink is more to me than 1 fps. see the review:,1326-3.html

    Also, you are blessed with the highest Core 2 Duo multiplier I've ever seen. 12x should take you anywhere. But you didn't mention your mobo. I run a e2160 (1.8) at 9x366=3.33GHz. I use 1.4 Vcore. If you are unsure, check the VCORE for the higher performing C2Ds. I believe they top 1.34V.

    You could, for instance, run 12x266, and strap CPU to NB at 266(FSB 1066). That way you could keep your RAM at precise 800.
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