I think I accidently uninstalled something that I needed for media layer to work

I was uninstalling something and I think I may have inadvertently uninstalled something important that made my media player work. I can't play any movies anymore. Is there a way to recover what was uninstalled or a place I can re-download the whole thing??? I have Windows 8 and it is the Toshiba media player.
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  1. Thank you but that didn't get me anywhere. :(
  2. Have you tried the Toshiba Application Installer?
    "To reinstall drivers and applications:
    1 To access TOSHIBA Application Installer from the Start
    screen begin typing Application Installer, or while in the
    Desktop screen double-click the Desktop Assist icon.
    2 Click Support & Recovery.
    3 Click TOSHIBA Application Installer.
    The TOSHIBA Application Installer window appears.
    4 Click Next.
    (Sample Image) TOSHIBA Application Installer screen
    5 Click the item you want to install.
    (Sample Image) TOSHIBA Application Installer selection screen
    6 Click Install, then follow the on-screen prompts to complete
    the installation process."
  3. I tried that and it said no results were found. I wonder if it was inadvertently uninstalled as well?? I should have stayed out of the darn program files I know but I was uninstalling something that needed to go and I do believe I got carried away trying to make space. I'm really not dumb, just think I know what I'm doing sometimes when I don't. Someone told me I might be able to reboot computer to settings from a few days ago, before this happened but not sure how. Anymore ideas??
  4. The first link was good. I attempted system restore but it wouldn't do it. Kept saying I had to turn off my anti virus even though I did. In the end I found an excellent media player on download.com Thank you for all your help though! :)
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