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I have a HP Pavilion a1020n 2 gig. 512MB XP home edition computer, and I can do everything I want except Facebook. If I am only conversating fine, but if I play a game, some play, others won't, and then PC freezes. I have checked my computer for spyware, clean, reinstalled, changed browsers, and on every single browser I use this is the same problem. Only Facebook, and Farmville is one of the games that freezes me. I also have adobe shockwave player issues with Mozilla, and I have tried everything, and still it's crashing all the time. I have checked for multiple adobe flash versions, extended time out session, reinstalled brower/s changed browsers, nothing works. I disabled Java, in browsers and disabled graphics accelerator and still nothing. I tested DirectX 9 and everything runs fine. Updates done... I don't know... I am so stumped I thought maybe you could help me please. Thanks!
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  1. You do not have enough memory; you need at least 1GB nowadays.
    Also, are you sure you have the latest version of Flash and video driver for your PC?
  2. I agree with Phil. You probably need more memory.
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