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i Just built a computer and everything seemed to be fine, until i got into windows. its freezing like crazy. when i go to media center, windows will freeze, and ill have to reset the computer and after awhile, i wind up just reinstalling vista. i called microsoft and i did many things and it came down to the ram, mobo, or hard drive. First, we did a memory diognostics and everything came out good, so now i know its not the ram. next, i figured out its not the hard drive because when hard drives go bad they just crash. So now i'm thinking its the mobo and im thinking of sending back my gigabyte and getting an asus.

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  1. Without testing the hard drive with the manufacturers test software I would not rule out the hard drive yet.
    Also run memtest on your ram, it's better at testing ram than the Microsoft ram tester.
  2. how did you test the hard drive and RAM out of curiousity...

    In my experience if the motherboard lets you load windows and boots then theres generally not much wrong with the board.
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