New X38 build SO MANY BSODs!!!!!!!!

I just built the following system last week

Gigabyte X38-DQ6
C2Q Q6600
2gb Patriot + 2gb Crucial both DDR2-800
Geforce FX5500 (looking to replace with a 8800 gt or g92 gts)
Western Digital 500gb Cavier
Corsair 620hx psu
antec 900
Lite-On DVD writer
Vista Ultimate 64bit

and i keep getting BSODs with different errors:

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - i get this the most often ESPECIALLY when putting my pc on standby (as i click utton

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT - happens at random times, also while watching video

and also an nvidia error but its nonexistant after i installed correct VGA drivers.

i ran Prime95 for ~5hours with no errors (at least i didnt get any dialog boxes and the status looked ok)

Any help is greatly appreciated. any way i can check my hardware, etc. but i think there is no problem with that.
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  1. you might just try different memory or just one slot. plus i didnt think you could run two different ram brands at the same time..? i dont know, i just hate bsod's.
  2. Run memtest for a couple of passes on your system and see if your memory gives any errors. Also try just the one brand of memory at a time in your system to see if that stops the errors.Hope it helps.
  3. i can't run memtest because it says its not compatibile with 64bit OS, but i will try the 1 brand thing EVEN THOUGH my other pc which is a P35 is running the exact same RAM combo and it works flawlessly.
  4. I would not be surprised if it was a driver issue.

    The 64-Bit Windowds OSes, tend to get much less testing and hence are more likely to see driver errors.
  5. memtest shouldn't care about the fact that you are running a 64 bit OS - when you are booting up, make sure you have the memtest floppy (or CD) in the drive and boot from it.
    Run memtest overnight at least and if you see errors, replace the bad memory. If you don't see any errors in memtest, run a checkdisk from windows on all your drives (it will do the checkdisk when you reboot).

    Having the two brands of memory should not cause a problem (assuming that both need the same voltage) - preferably, put one brand memory in one channel.
  6. Err..Run Memtest from a floppy, not from Winxp.... Willshow you exactly whats going on witohout having your Os in the way.

    Remove 2GB of RAM, Install KB929777 - Making sure to complete the reboot with only the 2GB. Then re~install the other 2GB of RAM.
  8. I already have 929777 installed.
    should i uninstall it, take 2 sticks out, install it, and then put 2 sticks back?

    i'll try memtest tonight.
  9. Ok ran Memtest86+ for 16 hours with 0 errors.
    i'm going to try that 929777 thing today.
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