Making the switch, ATI to Nvidia. Driver procedure help!

Hey guys I decided that I am going to upgrade from my x1950pro to the 8800gts. However this is the first time in I'm "switching brands". I've had ATI cards since the 9000-->9700pro-->9800xt-->x850pro-->x1950pro-->and now the 8800gts. When I made all those previous upgrades I just stuck in the new card and it worked (drivers were the same) and then I reinstalled them after putting them in.

Wanted to know how this prodecure is done properly so I don't run into errors. Off the top of my head, with my ATI card in there ATM, just uninstalll all ATI related things in my control panel and shut down? Then put in the new card and start it up with Windows default and install Nvidia after?

Please help me out guys, anything is appreciated.

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  1. Goto ati and download the ati uninstaller ..... cat-uninstaller ... in options choose remove all ati drivers . Shut down and install the nvidia card boot and install the nvidia drivers .
  2. Hey I'm having trouble finding it at the ATI site... there's one but its from 2005 kinda old... Will it suffice? My partcular one is an Asus do I need a special utility to get rid of it? Because I think it has its own drivers too
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