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I have exactly the same problem, reinstalled drivers, reinstalled from cd, Canon lide20, rebuilt o/s, win update done, other USB scanners shows in my computer, wizard works fine but Canon Scanner no show up, test ok control panel, Canon Scan button not working either
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  1. Did you turn it on? If it's not on, it won't show up.

    Any conflicts in the device manager?
  2. I rebuilt the PC tried other scanners so yeah its turned on thanks, Im sure I did that. When I lift the lid the lights on and it tests under Device Manager.
    Did you read the previous messages, aford10 ?
  3. The thing is that if a device does not show in My Computer then it cannot be used to import a picture either by scan or camera whether you use the scanner camera wizard or the manufacturer software therefore I am thinking this is an issue between Microsoft and Canon as the system is fresh and updates complete
  4. If you don't have the right driver, the PC won't recognize the scanner. If you look at the device manager, you may have an unknown device. If you do, that could be your scanner. Then you need to do as badge said, and install the correct driver.
  5. I have a couple of Canon scanners including the lide 30 which is similar to OP's. be sure to download the latest XP driver to desktop. Start the driver installation. I believe the driver installation will ask for the scanner to be plugged into the USB port at some point in the installation. It's been a while since I installed that scanner. There is also the scanner software utility called Photostudio 5 which is the software that Canon provides to capture and work with the scanned images. Instructions for installing the driver should be posted on the Canon site. It's not difficult at all.
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