MSI 8600GT vs XFX 8600GT

J would like to see how this two cards looks on test?which is faster?
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  1. If they have the same core and memory clock speeds, they will perform identically.

    If one is clocked a bit higher, you can expect up to a 5% performance increase, but nothing you'd be able to see with the human eye.

    The only difference would be if one has DDR2 memory and the other has GDDR3 memory. in that case, the GDDR3 verison would be notably faster, probably in the realm of 25%.
  2. XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT DDR3 128-bit 256MB 540MHz/1400MHz
    MSI NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT DDR3 128-bit 256MB 580MHz/1600MHz
  3. The MSI version might perform 5% to 10% faster. Probably closer to 5% tho.
  4. *edit* cleeve has beat me to it

    The MSI is slightly faster.
  5. Memory is the same on both cars, but the clock are diferent on memory and core, does will be diferent if the XFX have 512Mb DDR3?
  6. More memory won't make this class of card any faster. It would let you use higher detail texture settings without a performance penalty though.
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