Starting to buy the components for my Q9450/9550. U guys help?

Been reading you guys forever and you guys are great. You guys seem to be the main dudes in the puter world so if you guys can't help me noone can!

I'm going to buy either a Q9450 or if I can squeze out the extra dollars go for the Q9550 on Jan 20.

First of all, I read some s**t about these Yorkfeilds being delayed. Any news on that?

If they're still coming out then on that date, then let's go ahead and check this out.

I want to buy a bunch of the components in the after Christmas sales. I figure some hot sales will be on and I can realy save some money. Then I can just set them aside and look at them for a month and say how nice they are.

I use my system for the usual web surfing, OpenOffice, and all the regular stuff. Why I need the big power is because I want to get into 3D rendreing of custom choppers for clients and I want to watch good quality but not necesarily hidef videos on 1920x1200.

I am defenitely going to oc but just an easy oc. I want to run high end air like a U120 and I just want snapy performance, I'm not trying to win contests. So say a Q9450 to 3GHz or bigger bro at 3.2GHz or so.

I've oc'd lots of motorcycle engines but I cant find out where to install the hot cam on the CPU :pt1cable:

So where do I get easy stepbystep instructions that a guy like me can actualy understnand even on a Sunday morning after an all nite beer bash to how to oc. Remember easy oc. Nothing too crazy high as I want this system to be stabel and last last last last last....

So let's talk mothreboards. Just want to have 4 RAM slots. Maybe stick with P35. i cant see how X38 is worth the money for me. Don't need no fancy nothing. Just the basics.

Video card the 8800 GT seems to be a nobrainer and that is me to a T. I dont want to get into a big AMD fight but I am not going 3870 since I dont trust AMD with the s**t they pulled lately. Any otehr Nvidia suggestions?

Want to run 4GB RAM and I would rather it be 2x2GB so I can stick in two more sticks later. I'm goign to run Vista 64. Don't know which version yet. I have Business 32 on my current PC and Home Premium 32 on my laptop and I can't tell the f***ing difference.

What do you guys think of that Spinpoint? better to go with the 7200.11? I would put in one big one and one little one for criticle backups.

From what I've read the U120 rules. Any other cooler suggestions? The system is going in a custom case the size of a cofin so no size restrictions the bigger the beter.

I don't need a PSU that will crank over a Shovelhead in the snow. Just a regular affordable stabel one.

I want a reasonable sound card. Or if the motherboard has a good onborad one that's fine. I'd also like suggestions on a good set of speakers in the $60 range.

I would really like to buy evreything from the canadian side of that way I save on shipping one little piece from TO and anotehr from Van etc. Otherwise I can go with or

Just while we're at this, how the f*** do you kill that f***ing Password Manager? Everything I've tried doesnt work.

If I can return the favor by helping you guys out with a chopper build or advice on sick oldskool rides let me know. Be happy to help you back!
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  1. There are Stickys on the OC forum on this site that should make stuff very clear on how to oc. I would get a p35 mobo like you stated. I wouldnt waste money on a sound card. On board sound is fine for what you said the machine is for. Logitech X-530 70 watts RMS 5.1 Black Speaker System - OEM are 55 bucks and seem to be good. i have the x230 system and im pleased with them. I only use the speakers to play back music and watch a movie on the pc. Nothing fancy.

    And whats this password manager? I havent used vista since RTM i and dont recall a password manager in it or in anything else for that matter. User login screen maybe?
  2. OldSkool - A P35 mobo sounds like what you need. Ditto on the 8800GT.

    One thing you might think of is going with a Q6600 processor instead of the 9400/9550 - It'll overclock to 3.2Ghz on near stock voltages/temps (CPU multi of 8, 400 FSB, DDR2 800 RAM: which you can buy 2x2GB no problem), and save you a nice chunk of cash doing it.

    Regarding a HDD - I'm loving my 7200.11. Fast and quiet. I don't have direct experience with the Spinpoint.

    {Edit} I am running Vista 64, and like it a lot. A lot of people claim to have had all kinds of issues with it, but I havn't had any. Just the pop up permissions annoyance. Just make sure your graphics software runs on it first.

    BTW - I like V~twins, too. So when I'm in the twisties on my Aprilia, I promise I'll wave on the way by. :D Not that you'll have much choice in the matter, or anything ;) <gentle ribbing, served up w/ a smile>
  3. Actually, the Q6600 will likely not save alot of cash.
    The Q9400 will actually have a default clock for 2.5 vs 2.4 and have a tray price list of $16 less than the Q6600.

    Mind you, I expect the price to be a bit higher the first couple weeks.
    So long as your Mobo can handle for FSB, it will OC much higher.

    There is not any delay, the release date is still Jan. 20th.

    Basically, the delay is just something made up by a few AMD fanboys who are crying. (I can't understand fanboyism. When AMD was better I bought AMD. Now I buy Intel. I'm BetterCPU Fanboy myself.)

    Consider Something like DDR2-1000 since you need a high FSB to OC the 1333FSB chips.

    Good Deal here for the faster 2x2gb RAM
  4. Someguy7 thanks for the tip on the X530. Looks like a good system from the specs I've just checed out and the price is right. The Password manager is the single most infuriating POS in Vista. Everytime you go to fill in your passowrd in any webpage it asks you if you want to store it in password manager and when you say yes you have to go through administrative permissions then get to a box where I cant figure out what to do with and i get this mad urge to ride to Redmond and b***hslap Bill.

    Scotteq I'm going to go with the Yorks because I don't mind waiting about three weeks until after i get my other components before I get the CPU and I want the zoomy new 45nm. I know that the perf diff is not huge but what the hell, I want the new stuff. I've heard lots of good things abut the 7200.11s but the new Spins seem to have put Samsung at the top of the heap real fast and the price diff seems to be very small. i havent had any probs with Vista either. It's slower than a Knucklehead going up Pike's Peak, but that's the fault of my POS Pentium D and mostly the 1GB RAM which is just not enugh. Italian bikes? You might wave as you go by, but I'll pass you soon enough when you're broken down on the side of the road with a dropped valve! <gentle ribbing right back at ya with a broad HOG smile>

    zemaster I'm now thnking that I'm going to scrimp on my girlfriends present (dont tell her I said this or she'll kill me) but I may be leaning towards the Q9550. 2.86 GHz is damn near the 3 of the $1200 Q9650 that's out now and for less than half the price. I'll be wiling to pay some sort of first guy on the block premium to get it. Not too much, but $600 to $650 and I'll own it. I've owned Intel and AMD and they've both worked fine for me so I'm no fanboy either way. i agree with you that you should be a bettercpufanboy. It's hardly the great established brands of Harley or Honda vs. Chinese tin junk of Lifan or Daelim. I've never been clear on this. If the FSB is 1333 shouldn't I use use 1333 RAM? I know most people use the next step down but that's always been a mistery to me. 2x2s for $114! That's an amazing price, thanks!
  5. RAM Speeds are Quite Confusing.

    The 1333FSB chips require DDR2667 to run at Normal Speed.
    This is because the RAM is Dual Channel so you have two channels each running at 667 for a total speed of 1333.

    The Q9450 @ 2.66 Ghz will be quite a bit cheaper than the Q9550 and you might find that a better deal.

    The Q9450 Runs @ 2.66 Ghz with a FSB of 1333.
    A FSB of 1333=DDR2667.

    If you run the Chips at Full DDR2-1000 Speeds, it will result in a final clock of 3.99Ghz which will be fairly high. 3.8Ghz may be a more comfortable speed for this chip. This would be something about DDR2-950 speeds w/o me pulling up CALC again.

    Most decent Mobos should be able to hit this. (This would be a FSB of 475 when you are looking at MOBO reviews. Yeah, I know its confusing.
    But the Mobo speed is listed as 1/2 the speed of RAM which is 1/2 the speed of the Chip.

    Mobo@333Mhz=DDR2667=1333FSB CPU=Sigh..............)
  6. No Worries OldSkool... :D

    Regarding RAM - The Front Side Bus is x4, while Memory is 2X. So 1333/4 = 333, 333*2 = 666. So you "Need" DDR2 667 RAM. If you're going to overclock, though, you should work out what your Front side bus is going to be at your intended target. Then buy RAM that's as fast or a little faster.

    Oh - She's a 2001 SL1000 with 68K miles, and still pulling strong. No mechanical failures either, except for the time I installed new clutch plates in the wrong order, and when I got hit at a stop light by a drunk... Also - I was expecting the 'Fly In The Paint' jab, actually. :lol: Three cheers if you know what I'm referring to, and the first beer's on me.
  7. Easiest thing to do would be target 400 MHz Bus. It gives you a 1600 MHz FSB, DDR2-800 RAM, and 3.2 GHz Q9450.

    That should be plenty for your rendering. I wouldn't get anything less than DDR2-800 so I wouldn't have to worry about overclocking it.

    Just about any P35 motherboard should be able to pull off the above specs. I would also get one with an ICH9R southbridge for Raid 0 (Means you get 2 hard drives which act as one, so in theory you get twice the read/write speeds).
  8. Scotteq said:
    OldSkool - A P35 mobo sounds like what you need. Ditto on the 8800GT.

    One thing you might think of is going with a Q6600 processor instead of the 9400/9550 - It'll overclock to 3.2Ghz on near stock voltages/temps (CPU multi of 8, 400 FSB, DDR2 800 RAM: which you can buy 2x2GB no problem), and save you a nice chunk of cash doing it.

    Regarding a HDD - I'm loving my 7200.11. Fast and quiet. I don't have direct experience with the Spinpoint.

    {Edit} I am running Vista 64, and like it a lot. A lot of people claim to have had all kinds of issues with it, but I havn't had any. Just the pop up permissions annoyance. Just make sure your graphics software runs on it first.

    BTW - I like V~twins, too. So when I'm in the twisties on my Aprilia, I promise I'll wave on the way by. :D Not that you'll have much choice in the matter, or anything ;) <gentle ribbing, served up w/ a smile>

    Its easy to shut off the permisson crap. You can disable it in control panel under user accounts. Its called user account control.
  9. zenmaster, thanks for the lesson. I understand more now, but you're right in that it's confusing as hell.

    Scotteq, the only thing I can figure is that Italians spray over flies when theyre painting the parts. I know a friend had an old Fiat 124 Spider and the factory paint job looked like it had been put on with a trowle.

    cnumartyr I'm going to avoid Raid at all, except to spray on Scotteq's flies. I'm just going to use a big main drive and a littler one for backup. Not only am I concerned that if one drive goes south in a Raid0 you're toast (I know the same thing can happen to a single drive) but I don't want to budget fro another the extra drive.

    roadrunner197069, I've disabled user accrap long ago. Password Manger is still there. Right in my system tray and whenever I go onto any site witha password box. Can't kill the b***h no matter what i do.
  10. Password manager in systemtray? Sounds like some crap ware you downloaded. Windows passwords can be turned of in internet options, content, autocomplete, settings. If you have one in the taskbar more then not it is some crapware from a google toolbar or something. I'm not sure I never use tool bars like that. But Im sure you can delete what ever it is in control panel. Or disable it through msconfig.
  11. You're absolutely right. When you mentioned that I started digging through the damn thing and found out that it's somthing that Lenovo puts down in all their computers. That was I was able to uninstall it from the control panel. Another good reason to never buy a Lenovo! What a POS! Thank you roadrunner! Beepbeep! (personaly I'm a Cuda man myself!)
  12. Mopar is a mopar.
  13. I thought the desktop 45nm quads was delayed till Feb?
  14. Mopar rules dude. Too bad they never made a Hemi V-twin! I'd love to shoehorn that into a roller chasis!

    OK, guys. Let me know what you think of this setup:

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L ATX LGA775 P35 1333FSB 1PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 3PCI SATA2 Sound GBLAN Motherboard

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 3.5IN 500GB SATA2 8.5MS 7200RPM 32MB Cache NCQ Hard Drive

    Galaxy GeForce 8800GT Overclocked 600MHZ 512MB 2.0GHZ DDR3 PCI-E DVI-I HDCP HDTV Out OEM Video Card

    Thermalright ULTRA-120 Extreme 6 Heatpipe Cooler LGA775 Heatsink *Fan Not Included* (but with a 120mm silent fan blowing out)

    PSU no clue. PCP&C is supposed to be a good brand. Do you figure that a 470 is enough for my system?

    PC Power & Cooling Ultra Quiet Silencer 470 ATX 470W ATX12V 24PIN 80MM 20-35DBA Fan Power Supply

    Would doubling this to 8GB under Vista 64 really help or is it just wasting money?

    G.SKILL F2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ PC2-8000 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-1000 CL5-5-5-15 240PIN Dual Channel Memory Kit

    Please critiqe away! Remember I'd like to order everything from ncix to save shipping and hasle.
  15. lp231 said:
    I thought the desktop 45nm quads was delayed till Feb?

    That's what I'd heard too, but apparently not the case.
  16. I wish they were making a new Roadrunner and not a Challenger.
  17. I would go with the DS3R motherboard.

    It has much better chipset cooling than the DS3-L board.
    This should allow you to more easily hit higher FSB speeds.

    With these new chips, you will want to make sure you have lots of FSB potential.
  18. Can you imagine a 2009 Superbird? With the big wing and the droopnose? That woudl be a completely sick ride. The prb with the Challenger is that it's going to come in at $40K base! So much for ponycars! That's Mercedes teritory.

    So this is the one to go with, right?

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R ATX LGA775 Conroe P35 DDR2 1PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 SATA RAID Sound GBLAN Motherboard

    How is the rest of the build? Any other probs? I really appreciate your help zenmaster and all!
  19. maximus extreme is really nice if you can

    i would run a 8800gts 512mb
  20. I prefer Asus boards myself. I have seen Gigabyte boards having all kinds of problems on these forums. Definately more then other manufacturers. Some Asus boards have Q-connector which is a nice little way to hook up your case wires. Makes it alot easier. And I like the fact you can change the Bios logo to whatever you want, as long as its a 800x600 bitmap.

    I think Gigabyte has Face wizard or something to do it to but I'm not sure how it works.
  21. Can't really rationallize an extra two bills for the maximus ex but I have read it's a great board. I'm just not that serious of an oc'er. I get 3.2 out of my Q9550 and I'm happy. I have to keep the system rock stabel and its gotta last me for the long haul so I can't take the slightest risk in shortening the CPUs life. Would the extra money for the 8800 GTS be worth it for my uses on the 1920x1200? From what I've read it seems that it's almost a wash with the GT. As for the Asus which reasonable one would you go with, P5K, P5K SE, or ?
  22. Any of the P5K sereies. I use the P5K SE, and I'd be happy to help you OC it to what you need.
  23. Yes, that board is a little better.
    Some of the Asus boards could be good too.

    I've never really had any issue with Gigabyte.
    Not a know against Asus, they are fine boards as well.
  24. p5k-e wireless is great mobo its the same as the deluxe minus a heatipe and the extra lan chip
  25. ncix doesn't have a deluxe, but it does have a Premium listed. Regardless, this is the E:

    ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP ATX LGA775 P35 DDR2 1333FSB 2PCI-E16 3PCI 2PCI-E1 SATA2 Sound WLAN Motherboard

    It's only 20 bucks more than the SE so if you guys tell me its the wy to go, then so be it. i know that it's always a matter of personal pref, but I'm sure both Giga and Asus are great boards.

    Now over to the GTS/GT. Worth the extera $80 given that I'm not gaming, but I do want utlimate 1920x1200 res on 3D and vids?

    Also, was my RAM buy ok? PSU? Girder front end? 300 fat rear tire? Peanut Tank? :)
  26. If your not gaming you could get a 8500GT or 8600GT or and ati 3850. I game on 1680 x 1050 with the 8500GT and all is very nice. I cant play Crysis very well, but I do play WoW on high, and COD4 on high.

    I dont even watch movies on my old school TV anymore. Movies on this thing are insane. As soon as I get a TV tuner for this rig my TV is going in the garbage.
  27. Many reviews say the ATI 38xx series produce higher quality images then the 8800 series. Especially for pictures and videos.
  28. i want to throw as much video procesing power as I can at the 3D apps, so I think I'm going to go for the 8800GT at least. The capabilities of the 8800 series at 1920x1200 have me pretty well sold on them. If AMD put out a video card that outperformed an 8800GTX oc'd to 1.5GHz, priced it at $20 and gave me a $40 rebate, I still wouldn't buy it. I don't belive that you should reward companies for putting out s**t products and lying through their teeth and what they've done with K10 is criminal. It would be like voting for George Bush for a third term. AMD shoud be ashamed of themselves. (just my 2c) :)
  29. LMAO. George bush. Man you are serious. Ya go with the 8800gt.
  30. Well, you know what the hippies used to say... "Vote for Nixon in 72, why change Dicks in the middle of a screw?" The GOP hasn't gotten much better in the last 35 years! :)

    8800 GT it is! OK, let's move onto RAM and PSU. Suggests?
  31. Does this seem too good to miss for $228 in stock??? 43 left!!!

    Galaxy GeForce 8800GT 600MHZ 512MB 1.8GHZ DDR3 PCI-E DVI-I HDCP HDTV Out OEM Video Card
  32. Are you in Canada? What is it in US dollars?
  33. Oh $223.82 US. Hop on it.
  34. I'll grab it first thing in the am! I don't ever give my credit card nubmer over the web because a friend of mine got hit bigtime and his card company said Tough, buddy... pay up! I'll call 'em in the mornng and do it over the phone! Damn good deal!
  35. If it is a Visa its 100 % gauranteed.
  36. It was a Visa, I think, but the scammer had his three digits on the back somehow, so they figured out some way to get out of it. The card company figured my bud was trying to pull a fast one on them. There's always a loophole for the card compannies if they want to find one.
  37. I would of fought it.
  38. He did. It was like fighting City Hall. (Im not 100% sure the guy is not telling me a bunch of s*** and he was really trying to get something for noting!)
  39. Didn't go for the 8800GT. I'll hold off and pay an extra $20 for it but have all my system shiped at the same time. Too bad to lose out on a really good deal like that but it turned out to be six of one and half dozzen of the other with the shipping.

    So... any comments on PSU and RAM?
  40. just curious, what programs do you use for the 3d rendering?
  41. Haven't bought it yet since my curent PC can't handle it. I need to get something that I can work up basic shapes like engines, make frames and stretch them, etc. Then I can show the customers what theyre getting. Any sugestions for the software are welcome!
  42. So what the f***ing hell just happened with the avalability of the Q9550? Gone to March? Help!
  43. ? What?
  44. roadrunner, check:
    Intel delays 45nm QC...

    I can't believe it either, but zenmaster says it's legit. I'm seriously pissed off. :(
  45. I dont buy it. No evidence other the some supposed far east rumors. If it don't come from Intels mouth directly, I'm not gonna get all worked up. Besides AMD is bringing out. BE Phenoms, with any luck maybe they will OC to atleast 3.0, and perfrorm close to a q6600, then all the AMD fanboys will rush to get one. Intel wouldn't want that.
  46. Well, even Toms just has put the story on its front page. Im sure that it will all get figured out in the next few days for sure and then well all ahve the final story. I sure do want that Q9550 but I can't wait until March for it though. Ive got to start working on those bike drawings for clients with cash inbetween their teeth!
  47. Ya. I dont want to wait til March either. If they don't come Jan. 20 I'll probably keep what I got 3.34 e2180 2g ram 80g HD, 500gHD, nad take the $800.00 I was planning on spending a get a 52" LCD insteasd of a 47"
  48. Ya, I can't afford to wait this out. I gotta start making some money with this PC. I'm seriously wondering whether I wouldn't be better off with the best C2D, oc it just a bit to around 3.3 GHz and having that hold me until Nehilem time. For most of the stuff I need to do, it probibly wouldnt use the 3rd and 4th core right now anyway and by the time all the software was updated to true multithreding, it would be 09 and time to junk this system and go with the 32nm. Which dualcore would you recommend to get real good oc out of while maintaining rock solid stability and longivity?
  49. Well as you can see I got the e2180 heres some pics for you to see, it clearly powns at 3.34.

    Whats your budget? If I were to build a system today I would buy Asus Maximus formula, q6600. The maximus series allows you to go into Bios and step up you CPU. In this case it would show you you have a q6600 and give you options to set it to Q6700, Q6800, QX6850, or crazy just by clicky a button. Crazy will OC the Q6600 to 3.5.
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