Need help installing after-market GPU cooling

Hey all. I am wanting to install an aftermarket VGA cooler on a 8800gt. My main question isnt what cooler to buy but exactly how to remove the old stock cooler. As I look at the the pics of the card, I wonder do I need a specific tool that will remove the screws that are used to fasten the stock cooling? Because it doesnt look like a typical phillips head screwdriver will do the job.

Also, as far as attaching new heatsinks to the gpu, what compound do you recommend? Do you use an adhesive such as the kind Arctic silver makes?

I am thinking of using the Thermaltake HR03 or Zalman Vf900.

I read a guide on installing the HR903 but it did not talk at all about what adhesive to use to adhere the sinks, or exactly how to remove those pesky screws.

Anyone have experience with this?
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  1. Usually a small phillips should do the trick. What shape is the screw pattern?

    Arctic Cooling thermal paste should do, you don't need an adhesive if the heatsink is screwed on.
  2. I think you mean "Thermalright" HR03 and not "Thermaltake."

    The heatsinks that come with the HR03 already have adhesive thermal pads, so it shouldn't pose much of a problem.

    If you go with a different cooler like the Zalman, I think you have to buy separate heatsinks for the MOSFETs and you'll have to find some kind of adhesive solution.

    Installing VF900 on the 8800GT

    You can use these for the mosfets, the VF900 comes with the ramsinks:
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