Should i get separate faster hd for the os?

So yeah I would like to know your take on this. I was thinking about getting 150gb velocity raptor for $200 (
or I could get the SSD hd....I know they are more expensive but will I see big improvement with ssd vs. velocity raptor? I found this deal:

Patriot 32gb ssd for $150-$50 mail in rabate.

So what you guys think?

Just to recap I have 500gb data drive so I just want os drive.
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  1. I would avoid SSD's that are available today. Excepting the new offerings from Intel. They are priced at $600 which is too much for me.

    You might want to read this anandtech article on ssd performance: [...] =3403&p=17

    The conclusion is that JMicron JMF602 based MLC SSD's are unacceptable because of random write issues.

    I love my velociraptor. It DOES make a difference. If you want the best today, and don't mind the price, get it.
  2. ^+1 Stay away from all SSDs not made by intel.
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