Download Adobe and Java installers estimated time increases??


I am installing clean windows and recovery partitions windows on computers daily, it is my job in the IT department I am in.

Legit keys for windows when installed, yes.

Here's the problem, when I am trying to install adobe reader, adobe flash and java runtime lately, the download installers just hang and the estimated time remaining keeps increasing and they never finish.

I can download and install EVERYTHING and ANYTHING else with NO problems, it is only those three programs and I am finding this to be totally annoying and strange at the same time.

So I was hoping someone could give me a clue as to what might be the cause of this. I have searched the issue and it appears I am the only one in the world that this seems to be happening to, since there are no good search results answering this problem.

The adobe flash is really weird, cause if I go to a site that I know uses flash on the fresh install machine, it will tell me I need it and ask if I want to install flash and I say yes, it is no problem that way, but going through Adobe's site NEVER works.

It doesn't matter if I am using XP, Vista, 7 ... 32 bit, 64 bit etc, it happens on every kind of machine lately, laptops, desktop,s HP's Dells etc, plus all the various browsers, IE, Firefox, Google Chrome have been tried too. :o

The machines are fully updated with the latest critical Windows updates at the time of attempting to do the Adobe and Java installs.

I have even uninstalled the older versions of Adobe and Java on the recovery partition installs prior to attempting downloading the latest versions.

Is it just me? (I can't believe that would be true ... Anyone else have this problem? Any clue what I can check to stop this from happening?
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  1. me too.. been scanning for malwares or registry errors, but still the same :(
  2. I think I solved my problem ... was on two separate networks in the office, when I changed my router to an access point instead and got off the second network all seems well now on my end.
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