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Is there any way to get a crossfire setup working on a 680i SLI setup? The reason I ask this is because I'm going to buy a HD 3870 512mb, instead of an 8800GT because Nvidia doesn't know how to handle overscan worth a crap. So my only real option is an ATI card. Has anyone heard of any hacked drivers or anything? I know that people have setup SLI on Intel boards before, so I was just wondering.
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  1. if you really want to cross fire those cards get a decent p35 for 100 bucks. You won't get much performance out of hacked drivers if there is any.
  2. I'm really not trying to spend any more money besides for a new video card. Plus, my 680i SLI cost me $230. I'm sure one HD 3870 with suffice until I want to build a new machine. I saw that the HP Blackbird 002 had an 680i SLI motherboard with Crossfire, so I was hoping that there would be some more info on that, but come to find out that it was a mistake and it wasn't actually in crossfire.
  3. Nope its a silly idea tbh, either get an 8800GT, a single 3870 or buy a new board that supports xfire. The X38's are better then the SLI boards all around except they dont support SLI thats the only reason people buy 680 series anymore.

    If you want hacked drivers youll have to ask on a more extreme forum like:
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