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Problem with 500GB Seagate

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October 4, 2008 5:41:33 AM

Hello, I recently bought a 500GB Seagate Sata drive and an HDD Enclosure this are the parts:


The problem started when i took it out in an emergency to install windows cause my main drive failed. when i tried to install windows it showed me an error copying files, then i tried vista and hanged up before asking me language, the Linux Ubuntu, istalled well but hanged on loading.
I tooked it out and used another...

when i solved my problem i tried using it again in the enclosure to back up some files, so when it startsw transfering data it slows down so much that the estimate time disappears and freezes... i tried reformating re partitioning etc but it failed, when it started doing this tasks the drive disappears from windows...

i tried partition magic and it hanged, chkdsk /R in xp and hanged at 25%, in vista apparently it formated but i doubt it is fine...

i would return it but the problem is that i bought it in spain and now im in venezuela,

now my question: is there anything i can do to repair/fix it?

thanks for your time

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October 4, 2008 6:12:01 AM

First step should be to down-load and run Seagates diagnostic tool.
October 4, 2008 8:57:57 AM

i guess i cant run the in USB mode can i?
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October 4, 2008 11:31:00 AM

Is your computer overclocked by any chance? On budget motherboards SATA drives cease to work when the processor is overclocked.
October 4, 2008 7:32:50 PM

IF youre using the esata connection there maybe a lot of things that can go wrong i have learned from my own experience.

-First the esata chip in your enclosure may not support sata 2 (3gbit)speeds

you can reduce the speed at which the hardisk interfaces through sata by setting a jumper on the connection side of the harddisk the effectively reduces the sata speed to Sata 1 or 1,5 Gbit speed which you wont notice in terms of performance with todays hardisk speeds.

-second the length of the sata cable is very critical because it also needs to go through an extra connector the signal degrades. the sata specifies a maximum total cable length of one meter from sata mothermoard connector to device. but this may well be less by using sub standard cables or a too long cable.

if youre having unpredictable problems with your esata i recommend you to connect the harddrive directly by sata to your motherboard by a good and short enough cable and test it. Then retry with your esata setup.

If it works on the direct short good sata connection the problem may be your external hardisk enclosure or the cables quality or length.

then you should try to set the 1.5 Gbit jumper on your hardisk if this doesnt help try shorter/better sata cables. Else the problem is in the enclosure and you will have to return it.
October 4, 2008 9:51:08 PM

The drive came with the jumper on. and i have benn using 45cm SATA cables that came with MSI, Gigabyte and some other cable. all work the same.

I never used the esata cable (just one time to try it) after that i have been using it with either USB of the enclosure or out of the enclosure with sata.

I just tried it again out of the enclosure directly to the sata and it dosnt let the boot screen pass from the ram message, it just hangs there.

In USB mode inside of the enclosure: now windows dosnt even recognizes it...

i guess the drive is dead? Is It? any sugestion to try and save it?

October 4, 2008 10:09:13 PM

RMA time. Seagate is having quality issues as of late.
October 5, 2008 1:01:49 AM


frango9000, read the 3, 2 & 1 egg (star) reviews in the Newegg link you provided. They will give you an idea if you want to continue dealing with this drive or just throw it in the trash.
October 6, 2008 3:53:39 PM

i would first run the seagate diagnostic utility on the drive connected directly to a sata cable (not in the external enclosure and not booting from it)

If it fails i would RMA it and be pretty confident they will send you a new/ refurbished one back because of their 5 year warranty.