GA X38-DQ6 Heatsink & Fan Problem

I just purchased a GA-X38-DQ6 board and have been searching for an alternative to the Intel heatsink & fan. I would like to keep the Silent Pipes but all the heatsing & fan options seem to be too large for the space. Has any one found a good quality and reasonably quiet product that fits?
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  1. I have the Zalman 9700 may try and install it sunday/monday just hate disruting things on a new build when it's running so good :)
  2. the Thermalright HR-01 Plus fits easily (if it will fit in your case). i'm using it with a fan on my ga-x38-dq6
  3. Just finished with installing the Zelman 9700 led looks good works great so far will let the silver 5 past set in a few days before I go pushing it. but it dropped 10c under normal load so looks good so far

    have you decided yet??
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