Will a eVGA Geforce 8600 GTS PCIe16 fit in PCIe 1

I have an hp a1250n desktop that has an Asus A8AE-LE motherboard that from what I can tell has only a PCIe-1x slot. My motherboard layout can be see at:


I currently have a BFG Geforce 6600gt in it. I have been doing some reading and it seems like nobody can agree. Can I fit a PCIe-16 card in a PCIe-1 slot?
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  1. Yeah, should work.
  2. No!!! Pcie x16 is completely different from x1! From wiki here are pics

    x16 slot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:PCI-Express-Bus.jpg

    x1 slot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:PCI-Express-Bus-1-lane.jpg

    As you can see they are completely different. Are you using a pciex16 card din a x1 slot? You can use pcie 1x or a pci video card but they are alot more expensive than their pciex16 brothers.

    Can you post your entire system specs?
  3. That motherboard shows that it has a pci-express slot, I think the X1 stands for the number of the slots which is 1 on that motherboard. The pci-express x1 slots are totally different than pci-express x16.

    Should work though from the looks of it.
  4. Take a look at the slot on your motherboard and see if it looks like a 1x or 16x slot, i posted the pics above.
  5. The motherboard shown in the HP link provided by the OP should accept a modern video card... in other words it's NOT an X1 slot. However, the OP may be in for a world of disappointment if he's wanting to add a high-end video card to a system that will likely be limited by its PSU.
  6. Full system specs:

    3800+ AMD Athlon 64 X2; 1GB DDR PC3200; Asus A8AE-LE Motherboard; BFG 6600 GT; 250GB/500GB/150GB Hard drives; Sound Blaster something; 400W PSU

    It is an HP A1250n system but I upgraded the ATI graphics card to the BFG 6600GT which made me have to upgrade the power supply.

    I just check BFG's website and it says the 6600GT uses PCIe x16 so now I'm thinking I must be ok. I'm trying to get one off ebay so it will suck if it does not work.

    Reviewing your pictures at wikipedia, mine definately looks like the larger one, so I am ok, right? (I think NightScope may have been right, the diagram of my motherboard that says 1X is just saying there is only one slot).

    How do I find out what mine is 1x 4x 8x or 16x? Asus's website does not even recongize a A8Ae-LE motherboard.
    I assume there are performance drawbacks putting a 16x card in a 1x,4x or 8x slot?

    Thanks for help.
  7. Well if your pcie slot matches the 16x one, than you have a x16 pcie slot. You can fit any pcie x16 video card in it.
  8. Rodney makes a good point though. Even if you did have a 16x slot you PSU probably wont be able to handle such a video card.

    Edit: Sorry thought we were talking about the 8800. But still I would say depends on the PSU.
  9. nope

  10. I have a 400W. Your saying that will not be enough to power the 8600gts? My specs are listed above, but I also have two DVD drives. How big do I need?
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