X3210 CPU & MSI P35 Neo2-FR MoBo

After the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) death of my GA-8N-SLI and P4 805D I'm ready to cut my losses and rebuild. What I'm researching is mating a X3210 quad core to a MSI P35 Neo2-FR so I can keep all my other parts like RAM and graphics card. I have the Aquagate liquid cooler from the last iteration, and would like to clock the new setup to about 3.6ghz.

Has anyone tried this combination before? I'm new to OC'ing, but I think this would work.
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  1. Just remember that you may have to add small auxiliary fans to cool the heatsinks/radiators around the CPU area if you go with water cooling, which won't provide the secondary cooling to those regions that the stock Intel CPU cooler does.
  2. I added a fan in the back of the box (right behind the mobo chipset heat sink). I got it all put together and now it looks like the CPU heat sensor is bonk; no temp reading on the cooler (so it shuts the system down). Otherwise it wants to boot. The new part is due in today.

    There is a jumper for the FSB on the mobo that I don't understand. MSI tech support didn't help here. It is a setting for (from memory, I don't have the book handy) 200, 266, & 333mhz. The stock is 200mhz, what should it be?
  3. The jumpers are for different memory ratios and manually increasing the base FSB speeds. The manual doesn't tell you that or what the ratios are, but the most important thing is to cool that heatsink! Unfortunatlly, you can't buy a watercooled motherboard for under $250, so if you want this board, which is pretty good, you will most likely need a fan blowing directly on it.
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