GA-73PVM-S2H - cpu is underclocking itself?

I just recently installed Windows XP on my new machine and I noticed that when launching the EasyTune5 that the current speed is 2666.00 mhz but the current says 1975.00 and fluctuates a little bit. My motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H Once in a while it will jump to 2666.00 but them back down. I did use the @Bios and updated the bios to see if that would fix the issue and so far it dint seem to. I also went into the Bios and reset it to factory defaults. Is there something that I need to change or an update that I need? Or is this something with my CPU?

I also have installed and verified all drivers installed from the cd. Please let me know what you can suggest.


System Configuration
VGA Brand : onboard Model :
CPU Brand : Intel Model : e6750 Speed : 2.6
MotherBoard: GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H
Operation System : XP SP : 2
Memory Brand : gskill Type : DDRII
Memory Size : 2gig Speed : 800
Power Supply : 580 W
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  1. Not another one ? Even with stickies the same questions come back again and again .... Have you searched through the forums ? Have you tried google ... you know ? Have you read your mobo manual ? Have you tried Intel's site ?

    I'll be kind now and do some of the work for your lazy a** go there and do some reading
  2. Thanks, I dint really know what to look for or what to search for. Thanks for the link.
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