Would aftermarket cooler void BFG warranty?

Hey all. Does anyone know offhand if adding an aftermarket cooler (like Thermaktake's DUORB) to my BFG 8800 GT OC2 would void my warranty? Thanks.
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  1. It may. In my experience BFG is very good about honoring their waranties. However I did have a friend who removed his stock fan after his card died to try and see if cleaning it would help. The fan broke while trying to put it back on and when he sent it to BFG they denied his RMA due to the fan being "tampered with".
  2. Short answer: Yes tampering with it will void the warranty. I doubt the warranty covers any overclocking as well. Not sure on the OC though as I havent read their policy.
  3. How hot is your card getting?
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